Monday, November 9, 2015

Additional Ships Compendium 2.0 for BFG updated! Now with Adeptus Sororitas!

Admist working on my Blood Angels for Adepticon 2016 I also got in an update for the Additional Ships Compendium 2.0 for BFG:R.


What is BFG:R (Battlefleet Gothic: Revised) you ask? It is a community driven effort to balance and update the ships and fleets of BFG, as well as consolidate all the Official and really popular Unofficial designs.

The main site for BFG:R is Afterimagedan's Starship Combat Blog, but majority of development has occurred on the BFG Specialist Games forum. As well there is a forthcoming BFG 2015 ruleset utilizing BFG:R rules
Screen from the ASC 2.0
What I am working on is the additional ships compendium 2.0. The original ASC was a rough document that just managed to gather all the extra and cool designs out there from Fanatic, BFG and Warp Rift magazines. My ASC 2.0 is trying to dress that up and update it to be compatible with the great BFG:R project, as well as be more comprehensive of the fluff and potential for ship classes.

I am working on it on the BFG Specialist Games forum currently, getting inputs from any and all interested.
Here is the main dev thread. Each race has its own dev thread on the main discussion page (Thus far Imperial Navy, Chaos and Space Marines).
The draft document is here (via dropbox). It is also on my downloads page for future reference. And you can always get to the forums via my Fanatic Specialist Games Portal.
Screen from the latest update!

If interested, pop over to the forum and help out! BFG is still an awesome game, and these projects make it even better IMOHO. There are plenty of proxy suggestions out there, especially from firestorm armada. Shapeways and other 3d printing sites have cool models too, and there are model companies like Helios that just make cool spaceships for any game that work really well.