Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Betrayal at Calth price increase?!?!?! (PHOTO)

So either this is a Typo, or the preorders on the forthcoming Horus Heresy Betrayal at Calth have been so WIDLY SUCCESSFUL that games workshop has already planned and moved forward with a $35 price increase on the box set.

So here is a picture from a forthcoming White Dwarf (or possibly warhammer visions. Not sure myself) making the rounds. Yes I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THAT MUST HAVE CHAPLAIN. However, it has been posted everywhere so why bother posting about it. There is also some Astra Militarum stuff coming, but that too will get covered. I am mostly concerned with this.

Here is the current Preorder page

I also checked it against Canada. Currently $180 CAN. Listed as $220 per the White Dwarf, so a $40 increase there. For the lads down under it is going from the Kings Ransom of $265 AUD to $320 AUD. A $55 INCREASE.

Let us hope this is a misprint. If not, I suggest you preorder NOW!!!!!

The only condolence I can think of is that if preorders really did do that well, the market will be so flooded that ebay and trade sites should have a decent price. Maybe?

EDIT: Pics of Karlean, Chaplain and the Astra Militarum Command Tank

Source of images: Tartan Paint Studios