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Episode 6: "Marine Biology" and Malal

This month we do quick discussion on our hobby progress and do some NOVA recap, followed by some great discussion on the fluff Space Marines and their enhanced physiology and then we go over Chris' theorgy regarding the Chaos god "Malal" and the recent fluff developments surrounding 8th edition 40k. Make sure to read the accompanying article for this one, available here!

Episode 5: Primaris Marines and 8th Edition 40k Leak Discussion

This month we do a really quick (less than 5 minute) discussion on our hobby progress followed by some great discussion on the fluff of the new Primaris Marin Faction and then dive deep into the full 8th Edition 40k rules leak (and all the shenanigans they entail). Our longest but most fun episode to date, so join us!

This month Chris, Ian, Jason and myself do a really quick (less than 10 minute) discussion on our hobby progress, reminics about both our favourite best models and favourite worst models. Those models that you have no right liking but you absolutely love them anyway. After that we dive into the first week of GW 8th Edition 40k confirmations and their implications for the next edition of the game.
This month we discuss our experience at Adepticon, including getting into the Armies on Parade. We played a variety of games including Sailpower, Zone Mortalis, Kill Team and the Team Tournament. Stick around after that for our discussion on the current (limited) amount of 8th Edition rumours.

Special Episode of Allies of Inconvenience! Our Pre-Adepticon show! Join myself and Chris in our discussion building up to Adepticon. What is our theme for the tournament? What are we looking forward to? What are we going to buy?!

This month we discuss in depth the story line of Gathering Storm: the Fracture of Beil-Tan, and the coming of Roboute Guilliman and what that means for the game.
The month we discuss our upcoming trip to Adepticon and the current releases GW has been making around the Time of Ending.