Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Blood Angels list I would take to LVO (if I was going)

I am not going to LVO, but if I were, here is what I would bring (and who knows... planning on NOVA...)


BA CAD- 825
HQ: Brother Corbulo- 120
HQ: Techmarine- 95: Servo Arm, Auspex, Servitor (Servo Arm), Servitor (Plasma Cannon) (WARLORD)
Troops: Tactical Squad(5): 135- Multi-Melta, Teleport Homer, Rhino
Troops: Tactical Squad(5): 135- Melta-gun, Teleport Homer, Rhino
Troops: Tactical Squad(5): 140- Grav-gun, Teleport Homer, Rhino
Heavy Support: Relic Sicaran: 200- Lascannons, LoG Schism of Mars

Terminator Assault Squad(5): 225- TH&SS
Terminator Assault Squad(5): 225- TH&SS
Terminator Assault Squad(5): 215- 3xTH&SS, 2x LC

Dreadnought: 120- 2 x TL Auto-cannon
Dreadnought: 120- 2 x TL Auto-cannon
Dreadnought: 120- 2 x TL Auto-cannon

Lets break this list down. Scoring block with obsec of the 3 tactical squads and rhinos. Fast Rhinos to get them where I want them with a Teleport Homer in each. This is to bring in my Terminator Assault Squads as reliably as possible, because they are the main damage causers in the list. To further boost this reliability is Corbulo (who either sticks with the TM or rides with a Tac squad). This is because his once per-game reroll, which I would use for the Terminators reserve roll.

I think the Terminators are self explanatory. DS and Assault with alot of hitting power. Once squad has 2 LC as a personal quick of mine. I find it more useful to have one of the squads be a little flexible, especially since two is usually enough to kill anything on their own.

The Chapter Ancients are Dakka Spam. On the turn I get to activate their power, they can shoot 8 auto-cannon shots each. I mean, their normal 12 total is nice, but 24! I can easily pop all the transports in a Battle-Co or eliminate a bunch of Scat-bikes with them. Plus TL makes them decent anti-air platforms. And then they are still dreads and can handle a pesky backfield assault decently IMO.

Then there is the Sicaran. I love this thing. It does the Lord's work. Some people would prefer to run two with no upgrades. Who knows, maybe I would too if I owned two! But in all seriousness, since I have one I make it deadly. Lascannons and LoG Schism of Mars. This LoG gives it tank hunters on its already fearsome weapon (S7 AP4 Twin Linked Heavy 6 Rending, and Rapid Tracking to ignore Jink) and add to that lascannons now and you can kill any vehicle in a single salvo, including flyers. PLUS It gives you +1 BS against Daemonforged vehicles AND a 4++ against haywire. Bonus, particularly the invuln. Saved me a few times.

Now to go with this and the dreads in the back field is my Techmarine. He is the Warlord so that I can roll instead of being stuck with Corbulo's +1. He also just has a better save. Basically he is there to keep the Sicaran and dreads alive. The servitors are wound buffers and one has a plasma cannon just to give him some range. Add to it an Auspex, and he should aide greatly in keeping the back field clear (remeber -1 to cover is also -1 to jink, so any bikes/jetbikes encroaching are perfect auspex targets).

This list wouldn't take me anywhere. I would be stuck in the middle to bottom half for sure, but I wouldn't lose every game and it would be pure Blood Angels, which I can assure you almost no one is going to run. I'd be happy with that and that is about as much as I could ask for.

Lets hope Blood Angels get something more before NOVA though... because Angel's Blade did not stack up.