Monday, August 31, 2015

Showcase: Blood Angels Fire Raptor (with Freehand designs)

Saturday night I finished my Blood Angels' Fire Raptor Gunship. This is definitely on of my favourite models and makes a great centerpiece for any Space Marine army. 
I really love how this turned out. It was mostly done by brush. I only airbrushed on a base coat, but then did extensive brush work and washing (using a blend of secret weapon just red, red black and reaper red ink) to give it the shade and gloss I wanted. As such it also has no varnish (I find that ink washes tend to give models a degree of protection that normal paint doesn't, so I get to keep my gloss and not worry too much about damage).

You can see the WIP pictures here. I plan to use this guy for Adepticon no matter what. It is just to BA a model to not bring it (pun intended). 

You may notice in a few pictures 2 unpainted lights. I discovered I had missed them while photgraphing, so I fixed them and continued to take pictures, but some of the early ones were overall better quality photos.