Sunday, August 23, 2015

WIP: Blood Angels Fire Raptor w/ Freehand designs

Just a quick update/share. Hopefully I have this fully done by Monday/Tuesday (I really want to so I can keep pressing on w/ my BA and BB)

So here is the work I have done on my Fire Raptor this weekend.
Banner after my shower this morning. It is true about great ideas in the shower...
Icon to show secondment to the 2nd Company
The port side "Banner" is based off an old Rouge Trader Era Blood Angels Banner
I didn't want to include the battle victories on it because
1- This isn't a banner
2- I wasn't going to try and write that small some battle names
SO Instead I went with the cool old school skull and a crux terminatus to represent the venerable/relic nature of the Fire Raptor.