Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gaming on the Fury Road

So I have made it to my destination and should get to unpack my hobby stuff next week.

What is super great is I will be able to game with the guys of Santa Cruz Warhammer, so I am looking forward to that.

One thing I think will be fun in particular is playing some Mad Max: Fury Road style games.

There is a great free rule set called Road Wolf online. Reading through it seems really fun, and flexible. I especially like the "relative motion" mechanic, which minimizes space required to a 4x2 playing area!

I picked up the first of my hotwheels to do this. At less than a dollar each, this is a super cheap game to get into, and there are always garage sales and the like you can find them cheaper at too!

The start of the collection, just found them walking trough target. I'll probably check toy departments whenever I am near one.
Various made up roadsters, a classic Mad Max look. They all already have crazy engine features (one even with a straight seven) that make the converting process even easier.
Left to right: '71 Dodge Charger, Datsun 240Z, '71 El Camino, '68 COPO Camaro.
Not pictured is a Camaro Convertible Concept hot wheel I found in my hotel room about 5 minutes before posting this!

If you notice in the first picture I have two of the "Cockney Cab II"- a hotrod British cab.
Well, I have plans for one of them beyond just a roadster...
I'd also like to take a crack at this
As well, I am going to pick up some weapon parts from Stan Johansen Miniatures and some weathering powders from Secret Weapon.