Thursday, June 18, 2015

An Analogy for Age of Sigmar (if the current rumours are true)

So there are the current rumours for Age of Sigmar. It seems RADICALLY DIFFERENT. And ALL THE ARMY BOOKS ARE BEING PULLED JULY 26th! So get your stuff while you can.
I for one hope they are not true, but if they are, I can see myself finally acquiring my lizardman army off of ebay pretty easily and playing a bunch of oldhammer.

Anywho, here is my analogy:

(BTW this is humour, and done to illustrate the absurdity of the new AoS rumours IMOHO).

This year not only sees the re-envisioning of one classic world of geekdom (Warhammer) but another as well.

I am talking about Star Wars.
Now the trailers are out for this and it seems that we are in safe hands. But what if JJ Abrams decided to
1- Make sexy, lithe female Wookies and call them Wogs. (wikipedia link)
"We don't serve their kind here!"
2- Decide that droids aren't important any more. He can't get rid of them, but pushes them as far from the limelight as possible
3- Renamed the Millenium Falcon the Eagle 5 and made it a Winnebago.
4- Decided that there should no long be a light side and a dark side to the force, but instead a Rainbow of Force, so you can be ROYGBIV aligned, and even mix and match!
5- Renames everything we know. Coruscant is now Metro-neo-oplis, and Mandolorians are now Mercenarinites and they have gods known as the War-four (because there are four of them)
6- A bunch of stuff that seems oddly like Star Trek, Battlestar Galatica, and Firefly just works its way in. Plus a lot of lens flare.