Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scratch built Nurgle Great Unclean One- Updated

So a long time ago I did a scratch built Great Unclean One as a commission for a friend. I loved doing it and it was a lot of fun to plan, convert and SCULPT. Over time said friend changed his mine 3 or 4 times on what army he wanted to play and in one of the moves he traded his entire daemons army (including two Daemon Princes, a kick butt Soul Grinder and a Scabeiathrax (FW GUO) I did for him) for an army of Orks to Mesdoram (one of our contributors here on Sepulchre). Mesdoram already had some Nurgle daemons and a whole bunch of Plague Marines, and in that collection was a GUO from Scibor's Monstrous, so he wasn't really in need of another and gave it back to me before I left for Japan.
"Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up."
So it has been sitting on my shelf for 2 years, untouched by me with just half a basecoat and primer on... until now. While packing I had some green stuff that had pretty much got ruined in one of my storage drawers (no plastic underneath it, got stuck to the drawer) plus a small amount left from hobby work I had been doing. SO I lumped this all together and made a load of green stuff just asking to be used and with most everything put away and nothing really demanding of green stuff, I grabbed a used base, grabbed my Jabba the Unclean  One and went to town.
Original sculpt sans primer/basecoat.
I had grown over time to resent the way his stomach was at the bottom, and had noticed a few other small flaws that I wanted to correct. PLUS part of his back and stomach actually sat lower than his feet, so there was a fulcrum in the middle of the model that did not allow him to sit flat on a base/table. With these issues in mind, I got to work and made what you see now.

I expanded and rounded the stomach, as well as added a little nuglesque pox mark bellybutton. Smaller work included fleshing out a foot and shoulder a little more as well as bulking up the back of his head to transition into the horns better. Most of the green stuff went into the gelatinous ooze base. This not only give him a thematic base, but now allows him to sit flat and hides my mistake.

Now I guess just keep reading for 2 more years if you want to see it painted...