Saturday, April 6, 2013

Forgeworld Army Lists in main stream gaming

So I will first admit I have not really been a part of main stream gaming for over 2 years now. I have been in Japan and have traveled and seen many cool things while over here, but really my extent of the hobby has been online discussions, the little amounts of inport time I have to build and paint and the handfull of times I have played with a friend that picked up the game (and is eagerly awaiting a 6th ed Eldar release).
A Blanche original cover.
BUT in a way, with online being my primary exposure, I see ONLY main stream war gaming. And since my biggest goal/hope/plan once I get back stateside (I will be settled in and storming away on the hobby by late August) is to attend Adepticon, I am always keen to see what is brought too, playing at and winning big tournaments. And there is something I have always noticed with this. While Forgeworld units seem to be becoming more and more accepted, even on the tournament scene, no one seems to care for or endorse the use of Forge World army lists.
I for one stand for them. I had advocated for their allowance in 'Ard Boyz tournaments, as what is the point in proving you are the best if you are going to tell people what they can and cannot bring. There may be a better, completely legal, GW army that would confound and beat the winning 'Ard Boyz list. But alas we shall not know.
Why would you even buy a Sky Talon? Tauros have Scout! Lets just have Creed use Tactical Genius on some infiltrators while we are at it!
I don't think these lists are in any way overpowered. In fact they tend to be stuck behind the codex creep, so end up overpriced and/or underpowered. Plus, looking at the picture above, they often have some useless choices put in for the sake of a cool display/diorama model and/or fluff. But what the lists do create is the opportunity for incredibly fluffy and characterful armies that fill niche roles in the fluff or are representative of an iconic 41st millenium army. Many of them can also be applied to forces not neccessarily of what they were written for. I will give some examples:

1- My own Genswick. I use not only the standard IG codex, but I use the DKK Siege Regiment list as well (available for DL from FW)
2- The Tyrant's Legion from the Badab War- Perfect IMO to do an Alpha legion army. Units of marines and mortal desciplined troops.
3- Elysian Drop Troops from the Raid on Kastorel Novem- turn them into a Stormtrooper company/inquistorial raid force or even just oBlogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. Blogger makes it simple to post text, photos and video onto your personal or team blog.ther regiments, such as Harkoni Warhawks.

If people are going to be allowing units into standard codices, why not just allow the lists into standard play. That would allow players to use more thematic characters/units and possibly avoid unfluffy choices for their armies, vice just cherry picking what they need to fill that Contemptor sized hole in their list.
175 pts of Heavy 6, S 6 rending Skyfire+Interceptor shots right there, all wrapped up in a nice AV 13/12/10, 3 Hull Point, 5++/6++, "I can fight back in assault" package
GW seems to be all about "Forging the narrative" these days. The FW lists all are built of an incedible amount of background presented in high quality story driven campaign books. They often are onne dimensional and are intended for use in the campaign system accompanying their associated book. This is actually a REALLY good argument for allowing them in standard play. Since they are so story/campaign driven, they typically have a number of inherent flaws that prevent them from being the uber list every one fears FW would put out and the list struggles to deal with some basic scenarios and some common armies that it was conceived of to face. The Tyrant's Legion was written with SM opponents in mind for example. This makes them a greater tactical challenge to employ in a standard 40k setting/tournament, as well as makes it more varied and a greater test of skill for the opponent, as they may be facing new challenges and unfamilar force compositions. If you are going to a tournament and know you are likely to face x, y and z you will prep for them. Now with more options out there, you may have to consider in more general terms. This really spices things up while inherently balances the game more. The "Super Power" of Forgeworld most people fear boils down to 3 reasons:
He even exists in the game already!
1- They were the producers of Apocalypse Units BEFORE Apocalypse even existed. Titans and Superheavies are incredibly powerful BUT these are not intended for normal play NOR do they exist in the lists I am advocating.
2- They were the producers of Flyers BEFORE they were incorporated into the main rule set/Apocalypse. Everyone knows that air power is super awesome now because it is super hard to counter BUT now everyone has access to airpower or at least a way to fight it. In the past though, no one had either, so if having FW meant you had air power this was a bad thing.
3- People fear the unknown. And that is what Forgeworld is. There are units and characters some players have never heard of, often because FW is slightly cost restrictive, but then again so it the whole game. FW is coming out of the shadows more and more every day, and it is time it becomes fully accepted.

I for one advocate the usage of FW army lists in major tournaments and throughout clubs and games store. List equality! Take up the call with me!

Bonus- It has the added benefit of being untouched by Matt Ward!