Friday, November 4, 2011

Planned Holiday Project

Well the holidays are coming up and I plan on using them wisely here in Japan by building and painting terrain and my army. I made more progress on the terrain from my previous post before going underway, but have been on hiatus since leaving my home.

So the plan is to place a large FW order here shortly. Mostly heresy variant marines, but I am also going to get some heavy mortars for my Genswick, as well as some more green stuff so I can continue assembling them. So look forward for more to come on that.

To splash up some of my influx I am going to use some items from Chapter House Studios, such as the spartan helmets and combi-weapons (Mk III Iron Armour Sternguard Vets with Combi-Meltas anyone?)

I should have ample time to get a large chunk done as I will be working very light days and have less things to occupy myself with in Japan (other than X-Box).

I will probably post again tomorrow, but I have to head out for now.