Thursday, October 13, 2011

Terrain WIP- Scratch Bastion

Hey Internets! Today I share some of the terrain I managed to start. I am further than this post presents, but just wanted to share some with you. I decided to start with a scratch built bastion of sorts.
To get in the mood for AWESOMENESS, I popped in a movie. Good for hobby work like this which cna be tedious at times. My movie of choice- Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Get them Nazis!

So I was able to procure Plasticard while in the states at the Newport Hobby House in Newport RI. I also managed to procure some more once I returned to Japan at a local model hobby store (tons of Gundams).
I then went and raided the Japanese equivalent of Lowes and got some MDF and Insulation foam, as well as assorted glues to try out.
First I cut my basic shape seen here. Seven inches at the base, 4 at top, and I honestly forget how tall. Then I glued them together along the edges, 2 pieces inset and 2 resting on them.
To make the floor/ceiling I figured out how deep I wanted it and then just marked how wide that was and cut a square. Glued the edges and dropped it in the dried pyramid.
Now for the base I had to cut the insulation foam to match the MDF board.
Then I drew out where the hill will round out at. Inside the line is shallow, outside the line is steep.
I then outlined the bastion itself to make sure that I wouldn't cut away the base of my structure when it came time to shape my terrain.

Next would be to shape it using a foam cutter and then glue it to the MDF with my super awesome glues!

I will share more when possible. As well here is a cool thing I went and saw in Japan. Kumamoto Castle. Really has me inspired for more terrain and I think come December I will attempt some Asian inspired works as well. And to boot I had the idea of using some of the Gundam models (much cheaper here is you are familiar with them in the states) as wrecks on the terrain, as if humanity fought an advanced race on the battlefield, or possibly ancient wrecks to represent some strain of humanity defeated in the Great Crusade.