Monday, August 24, 2009

Anyone want a Titan Game?

First off sorry for the absence once more. Starting school back up plus a little vacation in there really caused havoc. And not having a functional camera. I have some sweet things to show you guys (A custom converted Spyrer gang for Necromunda and a scratch built Great Unclean One)

So I was sitting around today in class and got bored so I started formulating rules for a game of Titan combat.

As of now I am still working on it, but I will need beta testers soon enough.

I am going to try and keep it somewhat simple. A middle ground between Aeronautica Imperialis and 40k.

It is a d6 system utilising hex bases (but not a grid).

What I have so far are the movement and manueverability rules. These are based on a "Manueverability Score" generated each turn by your actions that turn. If your score gets too high, your titan can become off balanced and suffer for it (even fall if you take too many risks).
The Score is a composite of a d6 roll plus modifiers for size, speed, and terrain features. Damage will be incorporated as well once I develop the combat in greater depth.

So keep a look out for V1.0 of the game.

Poll Results
Do you want to play a Titan Game?
Absolutely 9 (69%)
Yes 3 (23%)
No 0 (0%)
I'd rather die 1 (7%)