Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blood Angels 2010: My hopes, wants and fears.

Well Bell of Lost Souls put up in their rumours saying that Blood Angels are potentially up for a early to mid 2010 codex. So I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on that happening.

What I'd like to see
-New fluff. Ample amounts.
-New minis. I know years ago they put up a new Sanguinary High Priest model in the previews that they had on the old site.
-Corrections making me the same as current SM. I am talking about LR capacity and updated wargear (3+ Thunder Shields).
-Librarians able to buy Jump Packs and not have to waste a psychic power to move like one. Wings can stay for termie librarians, but power armour ones get screwed by it.
-Some way to make my army definatively CC again. Right now I'd say BT are more so then my guys. Maybe BA tactical marines would all have a Bolter, Pistol and CCW. Furious Charge maybe a little much, but giving it to Vet Assault Marines would be nice, especially since normal marine lists have 2 types of Vets with far more flexibility (AP 3 Bolters anyone). So putting the ability on them wouldn't be awfull and would make them worth taking over normal assault marines (who are scoring).
Maybe a cool RED THIRST rule. Roll a D6. That turn they have fleet on a roll of something. Kinda like the old 3rd ed. but is simpler and clearer in game sequence.

What I wouldn't mind seeing
-Tycho being cut/changed. He isn't very usefull and is one of the last characters of his type that is only beneficial against one army (Orcs in his case).
-Assault Squads as Troops or Fast Attack. Usually doesn't make a difference, but it can in certain cases. Doubt this one happens, and could care less if it did.

Things I don't want/shouldn't happen
-Death Company becoming a Force Org slot bought like a normal unit. Keep them how they are.
-Losing Vet Assault Squads for Vanguard/Sternguard. I am Blood Angels, not Ultrasmurfs.

So what do you all have to say about it?