Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Conversions and Commissions: Soulgrinder and Marines

Blood Angels 2nd Co 3rd Squad Tactical Marine

My 2nd Company Captain. He uses the Emperor's Champion Model. Thunderhammer is a Terminator Thunderhammer cut off behing the gauntlet attached to a normal SM arm. I used a piece of guitar string for the power cable. TIP: If you use guitar string, make sure to have wire cutters. Scissors/Hobby Knives won't cut it easily. A pair of plyers (needle nose) is best to bend it to how you need it.

This is the Be'Lakor Model you can see painted here. Primed.

All these next ones are a Nugle Soulgrinder I was commissioned to do. I added the gut, and used the extra defiler claw to make the right arm. The little rider on the back is from the Epidemius model. I added some skulls. 3 on the chest for a Nurgle symbol. 2 on the front of the lower hull. I moved the Harvester gun to the bottom of the model since the claw couldn't really have it on it. I also green stuffed over the left eye so it would only have one eye. Snapped the right horn, and with green stuff, made the left horn curved and melded it into the green stuff covering its eye.