Friday, April 1, 2022

Codex: Raid on Titan - Our Adepticon Malal Theme

 We are back from Adepticon with a medal for best display for our Raid on Titan board. Along with the board (which will get more coverage soon) we handed out a "Codex" to our opponents and a few lucky other individuals at the tournament.

The basic premise of our theme is Malal is trapped under the Grey Knight's Fortress Monastery on Titan and the Sons of Malice are heading there to set him free.

You can download and read our codex here


Now I want to make it clear, most of what is in this is us connecting the dots and not making up fluff. We spent a lot of time researching Malal and the Sons of Malice to pull this all off, but before you scoff

  • Malal really is the God of Anarchy
  • The Grey Knight's Fortress really is under Mount Anarch
  • The Sanctum Santorum really is a bunch of Tesseracht Vaults holding daemons
  • It really is guarded by 44 Purifiers
  • Malal's sacred number really is 11, and he really hates the 4 chaos gods
  • Malal's colors really are black and white (which combined make what?)
  • The Sanctum Santorum really is having issues containing daemons after the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum
  • The 11th "Doomed One" really has only recently been chosen
All we did is connect a lot of dots and put together a cool theme.

The truth is out there...