Sunday, September 20, 2020

BFG Additional Ship's Compendium 2.0 Major Updates

If you are a fan of Battlefleet Gothic or Battlefleet Heresy, there have been major updates to the Additional Ship's Compedium 2.0 in the last few months. We have Complete Imperial, Space Marine, and Imperial Sections with some new additions (and the potential for a few more pulled from HH in the near future) as well as a now Complete Chaos Section, with a few more escorts added recently.

Long time users of the ASC may want to also scour through some of their favorite designs, as there have been some rules updates to both profiles and special rules, as well as numerous points changes, most of them to decrease cost and make platforms more viable.

Orks have started! So far, there are 96 ship classes, 9 fleets and rules for creating Navis Mercantilis vessels. 

What is ASC 2.0 you ask? Well for those of you who play the community updated versions of BFG (ie BFG:R or XR) it is suppossed to be a comprehensive compendium of additional ships (thus ASC) to be used with these systems that are not in the "official" rules but are established in the fluff or other unnofficial sources (Warp Rift, Book of Nemesis) and/or are common conversions (or easy to convert) and fit in the game. It is a completely fun and optional thing with great hobby opportunity, supporting the long tradition of BFG being the most open game and community to fan made rules. AND even if you don't play those versions of BFG, I have gone to great lengths to provide awesome artwork, accurate fluff and some neat designs, so it is worth checking out as a generic BFG resource anyway!
Pictured is a screen shot of one of the vessels from the latest draft. ENJOY!
You can learn more of all of these projects, as well as find other resources for them here
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AND as always, feed back is most welcome! Please be constructive with it though, and remember, these are extra ships for fun!