Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Post Adepticon Breakdown Part Three: Astartes on Ice 40k Team Tournament Board

Coming back to you with more Adepticon Coverage, this time our last minute board and theme.

The forthcoming podcast will talk more about it, but in short we had another large amazing theme planned for this Adepticon. Unfortunately one of our team mates had to bow out this year for a family emergency. In solidarity with him, we decided to put that on the back burner and in two weeks time pulled off this board and theme. It basically came about because Chris joked my Redemptor looks like he is Ice Skating. And since all good boards start with a joke, we went from there.

So here is the finished product
How did we get to that? Well a whole ton of last minute work.
I personally built 3 bikes, painted 6 bikes, an attack bike, and 11 intercessors, and painted the Realm of Battle Boards. Chris did TONS of construction on the boards, integrating all our motors, put together our draft pamphlet, and helped with bases, while Jason helped finish off bases and added all the snow once we were in the hotel. The whole thing was finished (with me painting and gluing models to bases) at 2 AM the morning of the tournament.

So what follows is alot of the WIP photos and videos

And here is the pamphlet we handed out