Sunday, December 10, 2017

5 Things I Hate/Love About Eldar, 8th Edition

Discordian here again, this time with my love and hate relationship with Alderannians... Ailerons.... screw it, Eldar in 8th edition thus far!

Here is the Love
1. Craftworlds being a thing
I've been playing long enough to remember that Craftworlds used to have rules.

Other than Iyanden jumping out of nowhere every once and awhile, its been a long time since Alaitoc, Biel-Tan, Saim-Hann, and Ulthwe actually had a table-top presence.

And its just such a really simple addition that helps create more unique armies. It also gives me hope Dark Eldar wont be as boring as they've been.

2. Points Changes/Rules Tweaks 
Several units got some really cool rules changes. Fire Prisms are actually a legitimate option.

The rules issues that plagued Shinning Spears had already disappeared with the edition change, but the points drop really makes them a viable unit. Same thing with most of the Aspect warriors.

Vypers gaining "Bike" and the Saim-Hann attribute was a real nice touch.

Crimson Hunters might be able to compete with Hemlocks! It just takes being 60 points Cheaper!

3. Relics/Warlord Traits
A big issue I had with 7th was that the war-gear and warlord traits were kind of useless.

My initial impressions are that they've both changed for the better, and have a variety of usable options.

Didn't hurt how relics are taken now and that you get to pick your traits.
4. Wraithlords
I can't tell you how much it pissed me off that my Wraithlords were getting wounded by bolters on 5+s. I had finally decided to start painting/playing all of my lords at the end of 7th and instantly that army was a more of a joke then it was.

I didn't really care about losing Soul-burst with them. Soul bursting is for chumps... or people desperately trying to make shitty models partially usable. But losing T8 was just mean, especially with he new wounding chart

Going back up to T8 and the Iyanden trait is almost tricking me into playing them again.

5. Breaking out of the Ynnari Shadow
This one was really important.

GW needed to put in places a reason for all Eldar armies to not be Ynnari, and thankfully they did that through craftworld rules.

Also nerfing Ynnari didn't hurt either.

Okay Now for the Hate!

1. Some Craftworlds kind of fell short
I'm not going to point a finger at the offender, but clearly someone is going to be more popular then the others.

I wished Ulthwe had gotten something that benefited psykers, that thing they are known for. +1 Casting/Denying wouldn't have been to much to ask.

Saim-Hann, would have been a great craftworld to give the ability to run after shooting. But that might end up being the thing corsairs do.

Biel-Tann, patron saint of rending bolters doesn't do to much to make aspects necessary
2. Wraithknight 
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Losing FNP and increasing the amount of weapons that can hurt them really did a lot to balance the Wraithknight. So much so, they shouldn't have increased as much as they did in the Index.

They did need a increase. But I didn't see a single one during the Nova GT, and I really expected GW to lower the cost with the new codex.

3. Points Reductions
Dark reapers needed a change. Of all the things I expected to happen, just having a points drop wasn't one of them. Having un-modifiable accuracy and such high ranged damage output, makes them such a joke in Ynnari 8th. I would have been okay with a points drop if something was diminished, but that just didn't happen.

The drops in Rangers and Dire Avengers was a bit to much. Especially considering they are two of  most benefiting units with the craftworld changes.

Hemlocks also dropped 10 points for some reason. Neat.
4. Wave Serpents
Wave Serpents are still the Main Battle Tank/Transport of choice for Eldar. They really shouldn't be competing with Fireprisms and Falcons, but they still are.

It has been worse but its still not better. Being able to just cause mortal wounds is really powerful, and now there is a stratagem that lets them keep doing it.

The tanks did come down in points, and fire prisms did get a some love. But Falcons and Weavers are still just floating in the why bother category.

5. Strategems
I think this is going to be more of just a pet peeve for me then anything. I hate the layout of stratagems in books.

If I wanted to look at cards I'd look at cards. I've started doing/adding things like this to my printed out army lists.

Mostly just so I know when/where things exist as options.