Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One White Dwarf Changed Me

Brief background. For those of you who don't know, I am Gothmog, and I am in the Navy. As such I am away from home for a LONG TIME right now. It makes it difficult to keep up with the changes in the realm of Wargaming. HOWEVER I do still get White Dwarf magazine sent to me on my ship, and I recently got the August Issue, with that beautiful Carnosaur on the cover.

Let me say content wise, this White Dwarf was overall a little weaker for me than the previous 2013 issues. BUT that did not matter, for it was the pretty pretty pictures that caught me hook, line and :"skink"er.

A LONG LONG time ago, I played my first game of Warhammer. My introduction to the world of Wargaming was a 1500 point battle of Lizardmen versus Orcs, in 6th grade back in 1999. I loved lizardmen and pretty much played them everytime I got a game in, but they weren't mine. My good friend owned several armies, or rather a group of 3 brothers did. For some reason, we all started to get into 40k, and that is when  I hoped into Blood Angels Space Marines and never looked back. Some years later, I started Brettonians when their last army book and model wave came out, but that was at a low point in my wargaming career and didn't really have enough fantasy players to keep me interested. I still have those Brettonians, but upon returning from living in Japan, I had resolved to sell them. But going to GW in Norfolk and briefly in Jacksonville kinda sparked my interest in fantasy once more. But the idea of Brettonians was too daunting of a paint job with how slow I am, and they are too inorganic. I paint plenty of Marines and Guardsmen, with sharp lines and uniform symbols and colours. I had been thinking I wanted something with skin and flesh, fur and scales. I had been leaning towards beastmen, but then it happened. The white dwarf. THE WHITE DWARF.

Memories of my first love came rushing back. Flipping through the pages, my eyes feasted upon the bright colours and beautiful sculpts and my heart fluttered. That initial love of the game was re-awoken. Desire and inspiration for great projects and armies. The Scaly Horde calls to me. And why I may be away, I can still begin planning. I ordered myself a rulebook, armybook and battlemagic (along with the new SM codex).

So what is the point of this article. Well other than I could knock it out in 10 minutes on liberty (don't worry, I will have something better on Fri or Sat), it is to really just speak to something inside all of us. That primal spark of interest. That initial allure to the game. Do you remember what grabbed you? If you can, are you as inspired now as you were then? If not, I recommend trying to find it again. And when you do, grab onto it and don't let go. I know I wont. Maybe that is just because a Carnosaur doesn't release its prey that easily.