Friday, January 18, 2013

My single most hated thing in Dark Angels and all of 40k

I hate the Halberd of Caliban. This is the most unjust thing to be released in the DA codex IMO.

This guy (known as Sgt. McFartface henceforth) is a real dick:

NO! Not Eldrad. Okay, well Eldrad is a dick! But I reall mean this guy:
Brother Sgt. McFartface (McFart-fuh-say)
Yeah, him. Really, it is his halberd that ANGERS ME BEYOND ALL BELIEF! S+2, AP2, AND IT IS NOT UNWIELDLY! Meanwhile these guys can't shake a stick faster than a galapogos tortoise.
Lord Commander Dante. Only the single longest living Imperial Space Marine in existence and probably one of the greatest close combat fighters ever to walk the galaxy.
Astorath the Grim. High Chaplain of the Blood Angels and ALL SUCCESSORS. So basically the Spritual Leader of the largest and most proficient corps of loyalist close combat troops in the Galaxy.
So, I have said it before, and I say it again. GW has messed up here. I will not go on too much (read the linked article), but really? You are going to realize and undo the mistake you have done, but rather than undo it on the two most deserving characters, guys who are champions of a force DEDICATED to being the greatest CQB fighters in the galazy, you give it to Sgt. McFartface and call it a day. You even did your FAQs this month (JAN 13), and that was something you decided to leave for the worse.

Dante costs 225 points, and yet will be hit by an Imperial Guard Sgt. with an axe at the same time. Now along comes Danny McFartface (yes, DA are now Irish to me. Rants don't have to make sense. If you require logic, simply accept that DA are green and Irish stuff is too) and since he is a Space Marine, he can wield his super special close combat weapon FAST. But Dante and Astorath, each with Master Crafted weapons and probably somewhere closer to 2500 years combined experience (Dante was chapter Master long before Lysander was even lost in the Warp for 1000 years) still swing like they are playing t-ball. Niether of the non-BA selections are cost prohibative, but these awesome characters ARE, and suffer all the more for it.

Honestly, maybe it all is some ploy by Eldrad... or maybe...