Monday, June 10, 2013

What I'd Like To See: 6th Edition Codex Space Marines 2013

So Tau and Eldar have arrived and Apocalypse 2nd Edition is right around the corner, but looking past that I think is the most important codex of 6th Edition: Space Marines.

This codex right now is kinda defunct. It is decent and good for allies, but pure SM just isn't impressive. But from a sales, fluff and game balance perspective this is the most important army in 40k. They should be the benchmark to compare everything else to, be easy for beginners and still interesting to veterans.
Here is the short order list of what I'd like to see in the next iteration of Space Marines.

1- A Trait System- I honestly think the Chapter Tactics system right now is fine, the problem is that you HAVE to take the special characters. What I think would work better it for there to be a list of Chapter Tactics and a Space Marine Captain can pick from/purchase a Chapter Tactic off that list. Special Characters could still have the same and/or beefed up versions of what is on the list, btu you shouldn't be required to take the special character. I really think this would also help Captains ALOT. They are objectively one of the worst HQ in the game. Read more of my thoughts (albiet old thoughts) on Captains here.

2- Chapter Specific Warlord Traits- Maybe these are also unlocked by Chapter Tactics, but I think it would be more fun to have several tables that can be advantageous or fluffy for the different chapters. They like to introduce codex specific traits, but SM are so diverse. Maybe make each table less powerfull but only D3 choices to keep them from being too beneficial but make them semi reliable.

3- Sternguard Troops- I'd like to see a way to make Sternguard Troops rather than just scoring. Seeing as SW, GK and DA can have Terminator Troops, and BA can have Jump Infantry Troops, I think that this would be a decent choice for "Elite" feeling troops.

4- Cheaper Generic Terminators- Shave 5 to 10 points off generic Terminators. They just aren't a great choice in 6th, and without the ability to be Troops or be as flexible as a DA Deathwing squad, I think it is justifiable for them to be cheaper.

5- Land Speeder Storm as a Dedicated Transport- It is dumb that this is a fast attack and makes scouts take up two Force Org slots effectively. If it could transport a Space Marine combat squad, I could see it staying Fast Attack, but since it only does Scouts, it should be a Dedicated Transport.

6- Death Watch Kill Teams- I think people would enjoy these more and use them more than Legion of the Damned, especially as allies. Though this can kinda be done with Sternguard. It would just be cool and awesome to see IMO. Maybe a Watch Captain HQ choice, allows you to take Kill Team Troops. And maybe Librarians have a DW upgrade they could buy.

7- White Scars and Black Templars Supplement- Since we know they are doing Supplements, I feel that these two factions are the most divergent and best option for supplements. I, with alot of people, feel that BT aren't going to get another codex, but keeping them seperate with a supplement is a great option and might even make them a more popular choice. I also feel that the White Scars are worthy of a supplement from all perspectives: fluff and rules.

We've seen a Flying Land Raider, heaven forbid we see a walking one.
8- A SM specific fortification "big kit"- Maybe some sort of deep striking fortification. I don't really want to see an Uberwalker. SM have and use Dreadnoughts, and the only thing sized for non-apoc 40k that is an Imperial walker is a Knight, and SM dont' use those (an Ad Mech army would though). The only other thing I could see for their big kit is a Felblade, but FW is doing those for Horus Heresy, so we'll see. I also want some more fortifications in the game, and definately ones more fitting in with SM.

9- While this isn't a must (and I doubt anything like this would ever happen), some sort of Exarch-ish powers for Tactical Squad vet sergeants. Just something to make Tactical squads more fun and not so, well, bland.

I think this is doable, and if 2-3 of these hopes make it into the codex, I would be more than happy.