Monday, January 9, 2012

6th Mumers - Discordian

First off Sorry Mr. Flappy Mc Flapperson, I’m lazy and the other jerks didn’t do anything so I got lazier.

So there are these rumors of 6th edition hitting the streets next spring. There are also a lot of people popping up chirping in about crazy rules that will change the game. If you want to read about them I’m sure you can find one of the main 40k forum sites, they have tons of rumors threads dedicated to this. One thing that really makes me happy is the mention that upon 6th edition release errata updates will be done for each of the older books like they did in fantasy. Wow its like someone decided to do work or something.

They couldnt have fired everyone uselful

One of the big questions is how the current codexs be affected by these rules. And I’m beginning to think there are subtle hints hidden inside most of the 5th edition codexs pointing to things to come.

Deepstrike PUNCH!

Like This But Far More Effective

This is a big one. The rumor is you will be able to assault out of deepstrike, Wow. There are a couple of downsides to apparently. If your within 6 inches of a enemy you scatter 3d6, 6 to 12 inches 2d6, 12-18 inches 1d6, and outside of 18 no scatter. One of the other mentions is if you’re within 6 you always scatter using the small arrow on the hit as your direction, so it will be very dangerous to just pop up on the table and go to town on some poor fool walking in the middle of a peaceful field.

I’m beginning to think this is somewhat if not all true. I play Grey Knights and when the new codex came out I was super happy to have a new shiny book with a competent army, a break from my poor poor Tau.

One of the first things I noticed that did piss me off in the new book is that the Callidus Assassin can no longer assault the turn is shows up, instead she has this deepstrike with no scatter rule (she also lost “A Word in your Ear” dam it).

Another unit that I heard early rumors about was Mordrak and his buddies. I loved the idea of this unit simple because this guys imaginary friends are in fact a unit of Terminators. When I looked him up in the book you get this weird realization that his ghost can’t buy any gun upgrades. So they show up storm bolter some shit, they don’t even get Psybolts, and hope enough of them are left next turn or your opponent didn’t just simply drive away. They do get to deepstike without scatter first turn.

See the key phrase here there? Deepstrike without scatter. Here’s couple of other guys with similar rules.

Dante: A guy in army that already scatters only 1d6 less when deepstriking has this ability to just be placed, how he is used now is simply a safe melta gun deployment method which when you scatter only 1d6 in the rest of the army isn’t to special. Also notice how descent of angels is 1d6 less, not just 1d6, see what they did there and how it could be applied to the rumors heard.

Imotekh: The new jerk on the block has this ability to pick one unit on the table and all flayed ones deepstriking around that chosen unit don’t scatter. Doesn’t sound like much because flayed ones are terrible. No rending, no fleet, no power weapons without a babysitter, no guns, 4+ save, and cant be freakin troops like everyone hoped. Now imagine if these guys could burst out of the ground and give you a big hug. Makes them make more sense right

Marbo: really doesn’t need it because he can do something the turn he shows up. Cool story, I’ve seen him blow himself up….. it was great.

Lictors and Deathleaper: yes there rules say they can’t assault the turn they show up but that’s something that could be changed in one of the codex updates mentioned above. I bring these guys up because I only saw lictors played once and that was mostly because my friend played nine of them as a joke. Hilarious yes, effective not so much.

Kheradruakh the Decapitator: Same deal as the Lictors. Can’t assault the turn he shows up because of his personal rules, but would so make sense if he could because he is not an independent character. Also read his fluff, its awesome, he’s like making a stereo system based on human eye sockets or something. You’ll want to play him until you realize he literally does shit nothing and doesn’t even unlock Mandrakes as troops.


probably going to be just as annoying

Almost every new codex has gotten giant fast skimmers. No surprise people have been guessing flyers will not be restrained to the open skies of apocalypse. One thing that really caught my eye is the new “Aerial Assault” and “Supersonic” rules mentioned both in Darkeldar and Necorns. Both these rules kind of give their respective fast skimmers plane like abilities. Generally that didn’t perk my interest too much until I read about the new Night Scythe from the Necorn Codex.

It has both of these rules but one of them doesn’t make sense. “Aerial Assault” allows the Night Scythe to fire all….. ONE of its guns if it moves 12 and under inches. It doesn’t have the option to get a second one which is making me guess that Aerial Assault will have added functions come spring.

Preferred Headshot


I heard about the rumor of Preferred Enemy applying to shooting before the new Necorn codex. Then when destroyers showed up hating “Everything!” It kind of makes the rumor seem super plausible because these guys really don’t seem to be the touchy feely type of close combat.

 This might just be wishful thinking but imagine if this was true and it was applied to a Hive Tyrant escorting some Tyrannofexice across the board with his nifty little aura ability.

Tiered USR

Some raise your hand if you hate how everyone has felt no pain. Okay well imagine if only a few people had 4+ feel no pain and everyone else had varying versions that where either 5+ or 6+. Sound a little fairer? I do because I’m super annoyed of having to tell my fire warriors it’s not their fault.

One thing that makes me feel GW if willing to adjust the issue of spammed FNP is the introduction of the Assassins Synskin 6+ feel no pain. Super shitty for them but super awesome in pointing that there is totally the possibility of different versions of feel no pain. And for that matter different levels of other USRs like instant death, eternal warrior, stealth, etc……

Bugs with Goggles

So acute senses/night vision has been seen added army wide to both Space Wuffs and Dark Eldar. Not too odd, one is a bunch of underrepresented werewolves struggling not to become mounts of mounted cavalry. And the other is a bunch of emo elf douches who like to cut themselves in the corner and attach arms where arms shouldn’t be. Awesome fluff right, that’s one of the main reason I love this game.

Now I want to take a look at the Raveners from codex Tyranids. WTF. I hope this points to a change in the general mechanic of Acute Senses, otherwise I think GW is just screwing with us or kind of doesn’t understand the game they make.

I do Say Buzz mm'yess

So if you have a new codex and want to believe GW can write a decent rule system, take a look. Look for things that don’t make sense in the current game system. Find anything?