Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grey Knights Afterthoughts - Discordian

Well the Grey Knights have dropped and are making daemons of all kinds sad. And in fact are making all other space marines question which selective service they decided to join. These guys bring all the best toys to the party, even a barrel of monkeys!

Those dam dirty apes

As of now Ive played two games with the official updated codex. The first was capture and control against my own Eldar army that my friend borrowed. It was one elite killer army against another, Eldrad was laughing the whole time because you cant cast psychic powers against Eldar and expect to get away with it. The game was a slaughter for both sides though, but I pulled off a narrow win because I had one scoring Dreadnought with no arms hiding (grand strategy is one of the most useful army upgrades you can ever have) and a lone librarian tanking a unit of Wraithguard.

The second game was against another friends Tyranids. I set up my models and he set up his, I then proceeded to ask him kindly to remove one scary monstrous creature at a time. Rending assault cannons and str 8 auto cannons make for a very impressive gun line no matter how few of them there are. It was seize ground and by the end of the game all he had was a squad of genestealers trying to huff and puff and blow their way through a landraider. This time a squad of scoring purifiers in a storm raven won the game for me (again grand strategy is one of the most useful army upgrades you can ever have). The only time I really took loses was when I ran Mordrak and his ghosts into a squad of bone sword/lash whip Warriors, we all found out then whose afraid of no ghosts.

On a side note psystrike missiles are brutally unfair against a Swarm lord

I like the new Grey Knights they have a bunch of new rules and new units that give you a lot of cool list options. I think Mordrak and his ghost buddies will always be my primary HQ unit even though all they've done is act as a walking storm bolter bunker. The ability to go "Boo!" first turn and imaginary friend terminators is to priceless for me to pass up having in a list. I'm also sold on shooting Dreadnoughts because they are going to be super cool to build and super fun to play, one of these days I want to outflank them right after a squad of sentinels outflanks. As for the rest of what my army will be thats going to be a continuing experiment, perhaps a future post will show the results of that.

I myself wont really dabble into the Inquisitors and henchmen though, I really feel they screwed up that portion of the codex. I really wanted real storm troopers and not to have to take one jerk to make that portion of the codex playable. Its the same problem that Vulcan lists have, apparently you cant field a good inquisitional army unless you bring this one guy. Although he does have a bird......