Friday, January 28, 2022

LVO preview notes (and q&a notes)

Gw will "stay out of the way" but make the "itc more exciting"

Anyone who participates in an ITC event will have a chance to attend the end GT open near the Grand Canyon

 winners of ITC events will have a chance to win a trip

Anyone will have a chance to win a codex

Itc faction winners will get every codex/army book that year
Overall winners will get to build a 2k army and given it from GW
TOs get all the rules

TO advisory group starting up
Will expand to all TOs

Events team starting a balance advisory group with TOs and top ITC finishers

1st video
New shining spears
New ra. Hooded. 2 tactical rocks
New avatar

Sigmar video
Night haunt, dok
Crossbow ghosts- craven throne guard
Quill ghost- scriptor mortis
Whip armed DOk- gladiatrix- great 40k conversion base
"Arena of shades"

Horus heresy
Ka bandha
Hoof is larger than a marine

Interrogator preview Warhammer+  more adult then all the rest of + so far. Coming in march.
Black and white. Drug use implied.

Kill team
Ninjas and pirate elves
Aeldari corsairs

Ash wastes expansions

Shining spears not the same kit as rangers on bike

Is there a harlequin avatar- next question

Magnus and mortarion do seem lonely

Working on ways to make the digital format more accessible. Future is bright

Catachans? No reveals

Squats? "Its a derogatory term and innaproriate to ask"

Tyranids in Aeronautica? Has no idea. Cant imagine they are the last thing they will see.

Question about playtesting.

Future plans for Heresy event support- yes

Old world is awesome and coming

Why is gw focusing on mono armies- they are in gt play which is done for balance/variable control. Soup is more for open play.

No comment on vect.

Primarch thing- it took 35 years to make one, so they dont want to rush it

Bfg- if the miniature studio is inspired they will make it

2 wounds when- im sure the profiles will change in time. Wont have to give the answer much longer

What is gw doing to incorporate 3d priniting into their business model- they use them in production

40k app- 1st thing around the horizon is it working correctly. Fixing core architecture. 2 to 3 weeks for fix launch. Should fix army builder.

Guard codex- will get new models. 

Probably get more hh in 40k

Ka bandha likely in 40k, hh and aos

Does slann or slannesh play bb?

1st balance update vs seasons- quarterly update will keep coming

No idea about imperial armour come back

Where is khans bike? 

Hh starter? Are there plans to change base rules? Exciting things coming

Will all factions get a primarch level model? Non answer

Base size on kabandha- not known 

Gt mission pack spiral bound? Always gets asked. May come

Corsairs- both aeldari 

There will be more blood bowl

Guard going to have a good year but cant confirm RR

To support will go to middle earth as well

Will we see all codicies this edition? Studio dpesnt really think of the game in terms of editions. Thats a community constuct, and if there isnt an ondex reset its not that big of an "issue", but they do want to avoid a feeling of haves and have nots