Saturday, February 13, 2016

Complete BaC Blood Angels Contemptor (repose and Magna-grapple added)

This has to be one of my fastest turn arounds on buying a model and painting it in recent years. BUT I need this guy for an event at Adepticon. While reposing his leg was a bit of a pain (wip shots here), I opted to only repose one leg (why most people do both I have no clue) and in the end he wasn't all that bad to do. Painting him was actually quite fun!
I thought about doing some more symbols or Freehand on his shoulders, but I didn't want to spoil how pristine the red looked to me. So I decided to leave him how he is. A few pieces of Brass etch and the grapple were enough.

He is magnetized on his gun arm and his magna-grapple. I had to procure and do some conversion work to add the magna-grapple the underside actually uses a spare part from a Forge World Thunder Bolt! I still have to paint his multi-melta arm, but I have too much other stuff to finish before Adepticon and I don't need that arm right now. I will finish it some other time.
 The nice thing about the plastic Contemptor is the arm and body are hollow, so magnets are really easy to do. Just glue them in then glue it shut.