Monday, December 22, 2008

Ordo Xenos? (Part 3)

Okay, last time I left it off with the Elites being weak.

To address other issues, Terminators are a YES. The suits are owned by the Deathwatch, not on loan. The DW go into too many space hulks and such environments to not have such wargear.

And as far as assault squads, maybe vangaurd, maybe standard, maybe something between (base it off the Blood Angels veteran assault squad).

Well, I had an interesting idea.

0-2 Xenos forces. I am not sure how this would work, but it would encompass Eldar, Tau, Kroot and maybe something else/new.

The idea is that often Xenos include the most radical and/or cooperative agents in the Inquisition.

I don't know what would be on list, so lets have suggestions. I was thinking Harlequins BUT they fight chaos mostly so I'd say no. Somehow the xenos choice would need some leader type figure and then a generally able force selection from the parent list.

Maybe this

Warlock and/or Exarch Leader
Aspect warriors choices

Commander type
Crisis or Stealth suits

Variant kroot warriors

Any thoughts?