Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Will Plastic Horus Heresy be a Forgeworld Exclusive? Or maybe something better??? New FW site, and deal on shipping as well.

There is a NEW Storefront for the Forgeworld Website!!!

They also have an EXCLUSIVE Centurion available until SEP 30th
AND FREE SHIPPING on orders over 100 GBP, rather than the standard 250!

Now that the excitement is over, some drawbacks.

-If you were like me and had a registered account with a massive wishlist, that is gone.
-The new store is EXACTLY like the GW one. It has the filters and such. This is harder to navigate than their old portal approach IMO. Although they are better than the GW ones in their Utility.
-After the special free shipping period, it looks like it is back to the 12% UK, 15% ROW, so get in on it now.
-Downloads, something that has always been important on the FW page, are now at the bottom of it. HOWEVER the actual page is a little easier to use, and even has a "download all" function.

Some items are missing too
I can't find any MKIIB Land Raider Doors. Also, there seems to be fewer bundles, particularly mechanicum...
Anyone else not finding something?

Oh, and the hook.
What is the deleted by the inquisition? Seems fishy to me, but makes sense

IF everyone is going to go absolutely BONKERS over the plastic HH stuff, why would they want FLGS and online retailers to have it? GW are NOTORIOUS for maintaining as much control over their product as possible, because they think it will maximize profits..
I am avoiding ranting hard on this subject, as I think I have a very well documented stance on it (here and here) and it may be completely unfounded.
The one other thing it does is it allows a simplified HH skirmish game as rumoured to not fully obliterate the premium one as well though, since they will both be sold side by side. I guess that is a silver lining....

And even though GW never likes to hint at things, but I can't think of anything more awaited than plastic Horus Heresy...

Other than a Plastic Thunderhawk.
The most glorious kit imagined, behind a "perilous" castle wall... known as Warhammer World