Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Call To All Patriots! Support Team USA (Megabots) for Robot Duel!!! (It looks like a KNIGHT!!!)

Do you like massive robots?
Do you like a nice solid round of "fisticuffs"?
Do you love the U S of A?


If you want some background information, check out THIS POST HERE!!! Seriously do it now, they are some AWESOME videos featuring more of these crazy fighting robots!

And if you are "Meh, why should I watch these?"

I mean seriously, look at this thing!

Don't tell me that doesn't remind you of one of these:
They got some awesome companies and advisers helping out (even NASA!), but obviously Giant Robots don't come for free (if you own a Knight yourself you know this pain all too well).

So if you want to be remembered for all time as someone who brought a Knight to life for a real life Gundam battle, then do it.

For America. For the future. For the children, so they don't have to grow up in a world where giant robot fighting is a fantasy.