Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blood Bowl: Completed Gnoblars (Snotlings) and full Ogre Team

The other day I posted my completed Blood Bowl Ogres for my team the Bolgosgrad Berserkers.
Well last night I finished up my Gnoblars, which fill the roll of Snotlings, for the team. I went with Gnoblars for a few reasons
1- They were plastic and cheaper
2- They had clothes and helmets and such that could be uniform items
3- I wasn't going to attempt to sort through the variety of snotling minis to find suitable ones.
4- Gnoblars I feel fit the fluff of the Bolgosgrad Berserkers.

SO for the last point, I guess I should explain the fluff of my team.

Bolgosgrad is an actual small city/large town in Kislev (thus the tundra bases), lying between the banks of the North River Lynsk and South River Lynsk. Now normally Empire town would have a human team, but Bolgosgrad happens to sponsor a team of Ogres, who are better equipped in a physical sense to practice and play year round in the icy north, and as such, Bolgosgrad is one of the few Kislevite cities with a full time Blood Bowl Team. Bolgosgrad however lives in the shadow of the Bonerattlaz Orc tribe, and as such have a distrust of orcs, and even though snotlings are often seem as harmless, most of them have flocked to the Bonerattlaz banner. Gnoblars however are of a different sort, and are nearly always found in the service of an Ogre. Being so close to the World's Edge Mountains, and having a team of six famous and impressive Ogres, Bolgosgrad has no difficulty in or compunction towards hiring these submissive creatures to play alongside the Berserkers (often referred to as the Bone'eads by their fans).

Fluff, aside, I am super happy to have these guys done. I have had them for a few years, so it is really nice to see a project completed!

So I give you the completed Bolgosgrad Bersekers.