Thursday, August 13, 2015

Completed Blood Bowl Ogres- The Bolgosgrad Berserkers

So it has been some time since I last talked about the greatest game GW has even made, and quite possibly one of the finest games to grace the face of this planet.

Yes, I am talking about Blood Bowl.
Amidst all the Blood Angel work I have been doing lately, I had to take a break. Don't worry I am still chugging away at them (finished more scouts and got my Fire Raptor airbrushed blood red).

SO I decided it was high time I finish some sort of project, so I busted out my Ogres and got to work.

Tonight, I proudly share this week's accomplishment
The Bolgosgrad Berserkers aka The Bone'eads

#1 Thudd Ironogre
#2 Murda Bonebreaka
#3 Ruk "Da Truk" Hurtbringa
#4 Grog Hammerarm
#5 Krash N'Smash
#6 Crush K'Rush