Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP: Blood Bowl Chaos Pact and Wood Elf Linemen (Cool Proxies/Conversions)

Just a quick share. I have been trying to expand my Blood Bowl teams lately. I would really like to get a league going where I am at, but if it comes down to it, I have ideas for a 2 person league with a bunch of teams, all just for the fun of it. Additionally though, Blood Bowl teams are just extremely fun hobby projects. Since all the models are OOP, finding new and clever ways to make your team is fun and relatively cheap if done right. What you are about to see cost me less than $20.
So first up, my Chaos Pact Marauders. These guys are the linemen of the Chaos Pact team. I originally was just going to get some Warhammer Chaos Marauders, but then I found these really cheap old early 90s plastic Chaos Warriors and said "Those are PERFECT". They were already built, and some of them had mutations, so I mostly just had to remove the weapons, clean them up (they still had sprue bits and mouldlines on them) and do some arm/hand repositioning.
These guys just have SO MUCH CHARACTER to them I feel. They are the embodiment of a Chaos mortal, represent one of the most iconic looks of WHFB and have a surprising amount of motion to their poses given their age. Plus the person who had built them before me had already integrated the Chaos Mutations sprue, so I already have some great mutation options for leveling up. Chaos Pact is one of only 4 teams with access to mutations. I can easily represent Tentacles, Extra-arms, Claw and Big-hand.
I also am going something somewhat unique for my woodelves I feel. Instead of using elves, I am going with Dryads for my linemen. All my specialists will still be elves (I have another AWESOME Proxy in store for them, but that will be revealed in due time). The Dryad models are great and fluid enough to show athletic motion IMO. They should really set the team apart from other wood elf teams.