Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Blood Angels One Click Bundle... Save a grand total of $1.25

WOOHOO, the savings I've been craving!!!!

I added the humour tag because this deal is a joke.

GW has up for order the Blood and Fury bundle.

Do not be deceived. This is not a current or new BA formation. It is a deception in 9th Legion colours.

Contents are:
-BA Tactical Squad
-SM Dev Squad
-SM Assault Squad
-SM Captain
-2 x BA Upgrade Kits

Retail: $179.25
Bundle: $178
SAVINGS: $1.25!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you GW. You have done something truly great with this. Quantified time. It took me approximately 5-7 minutes to navigate your terribly implemented web of filters you call an online store (a web I am extremely familiar with BTW) to find all the above components to price check.

That means a minute is worth about .18 to .25...
NOW I see why all those people want $15 an hour! It is based off your math!