Monday, July 27, 2015

Petition to Games Workshop: 9 months and 15,000 signatures later

So it has been 9 months since I put up the petition to Games Workshop.

Refocus your business model on the sale of a game and support of a gaming community vice the pure sale of collectible miniatures. (click to read it or sign)

A lot has changed in that time. The End Times came and went, 40k got a machine gun fire of releases, Age of Sigmar dropped and now 30k plastics and an uncertain future of 40k looms on the future if a lot of the rumours are to be believed.

I am not sure what, if anything at all, GW took from the Petition. The point was just to at least express the community's frustration (at least 15,000 of us), whether it was heard or not.

I think some things did get through, and the rapid fire 40k releases may be indicative of that. As well, GW is apparently going to Gencon, altough in what manner has yet to be seen. They are going to have a very steep leaning curve at conventions IMO, and I hope they are better prepared for it than just "This is Age of Sigmar. It has pretty models. You should play it."

I will say for one, I have never EVER met someone who quit GW games to move onto something else because they didn't like the models. GW has, is and will most likely always get that part right. BUT nearly every example of someone I know who quit GW for anything other than financial reasons is because the rules were just not there. They either found them horribly unbalanced, woefully supported, or just plain old out of date. AoS seems to be taking some stabs at this, at least in the "out of date" and support department, BUT it is too new to really judge. We have yet to see how well they can support and update the AoS rules over the course of months, let alone years.

This is why I think that this Petition is still valid, and it is still there for you to sign if you wish. Maybe for some it is more valid than ever (Fantasy Old Guard perhaps?)