Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Dream Army I am trying to build (specialized Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum)

We all have them. Dream Armies. Dream Projects. Things that if time and money were no object, we'd pursue them.

Well I decided to try and make one of those armies of mine. An Imperial Guard Rough Rider Company.
Now why that one? Out of all the projects I could choose from (Brass Army of Khorne, Knight Household, etc. etc.) why that one?

Well a few reasons
1- I think it will be super fun to play. I already have 6 or 7 list variants of all variety of fluff to competitive levels (as competitive as a rough rider company can be) and I am excited to play ALL of them.
2- It is visually impressive IMO. The list variants (all between 1500 and 2500) revolve around a core of 60 to 80 cavalry in each list. That is a lot of horses. A LOT. Imagine that on the table now. Pretty cool, right?
3- It is unique. I haven't seen others really do a full on Rough Rider company before. Just haven't. TO me it would be cool to roll up to a store, get out my army and turn heads with it.
4- It is doable from a hobby perspective. I have a million dioramas running through my mind, which I could likely execute, but probably not as clearly as a Rough Rider army.

With the why, down, now I need to ask the WHAT!?

You would think my vision on this would be clear, but it is actually still VERY muddy. I know I like the lists I made (they all use the Death Korps of Krieg Death Rider Squadron from the Siege of Vraks). I know I like the concept. What I am unsure of is the Regiment! Here is what I have narrowed it down to

1- Attilans- As of writing this, this is my favourite choice. However it would also by far be the hardest and most expensive to execute. Basically, they involve a lot of greenstuff and time. A LOT. Really makes me wish GW would just release a new Rough Rider set.
2- Vostroyans- Still a very likely option. A balance between the Attilans and Van Diemen's world guys in terms of cost and covertability.
3- Praetorians- This was the initial plan. The problem I have with it now is it seems too obvious, and plenty of people have made Praetorian RR. It would sap away some of the uniqueness of the army.
4- Mordians- Really the only reason to go this route is to make the army look like the USMC. That would be exactly how I paint them No other motivation.
5- Van Diemen's World- Up until recently, this is what I was FOR SURE going to do. Basically it is just rough riders with outback/aussie style slouch hats. Nothing really special, but not bad looking. Also, the most feasible option really.
6- Chiros Red Guard- My least favourite option, but the most manageable. Based off the old BoLS Marcharian Crusade book (great resource for a campaign still, wish they still did things like that). Basically it is just use the pistoliers as they come. Legs, torsos, heads, everything, and add some lances. I really don't want to go this route TBH. Just doesn't appeal to me and the project would likely stagnate and I'd lose the enthusiasm I have for it.

So with the why and what out of the way, I reach the harder part: How!

Well first of all I need 80 horses. This is actually REALLY HARD. So I could go with non-GW horses, and that is doable. HOWEVER, I really really REALLY like the Empire/Freeguild pistolier horses. Not only are they GW (which I need to have at least 50% of the models be for playability purposes) they are also the biggest 28mm scale horses on the market. Well, all Warhammer/AoS horses are, but these are the only generic ones. All the rest come with various faction details that are not useable. They also need to be the current horses, as the old Medieval unbarded horses they made are smaller (I bought 6 off someone and so I can trade those away too).
I have 5 right now. I really need to source more. It is looking more and more like I am just going to have to take a very long time doing so for cost management purposes. Ideally, I could flip the sprues sans horse online to subsidize the cost of buying 16 pistolier kits, but no one seems really interested. That said, if you are interested in those, PLEASE let me know. If you are sitting on a bunch of pictoliers and don't mind me buying you OTHER horses as substitutes (fireforge games and warlord games both make great plastic horses) then I will be MORE THAN HAPPY to work with you.

Chiros Red Guard
I could take the torsos and get some Cadian or Victoria miniatures legs and build Chiros Red Guard squads, paint them and flip them. BUT that does not help me on the front end, only the back end. Also, it significantly increases the time involved in the project. And to justify the cost, I would have to paint these guys first.

As for the riders themselves, Victoria Miniatures is once again the best option. Plus these torsos likely to represent the 4+ armour save.

So basically, in a TLDR kinda way, I need opinions on the regiment to do or if you have horses to sell or trade. What route should I take this project? I am doing it, for sure. But feedback is appreciated.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Dreadtober: Finished Product (Red Hunters Mortis Pattern Dreadnought)

Well, I finished my Dreadnought for Dreadtober. I was suppossed to do multiple updates and WIP shots but I didn't for two reasons

1- I have just been super busy
2- This guy actually painted super fast

I used the same technique as on the other Red Hunters I have done, which is basically paint silver, was with Bloodletter Glaze and Seraphim Sepia. Add Nuln Oil as needed. Overall I wanted to keep him simple, yet striking, and I think I managed to do that.

I thought about doing a sweet banner, but I only have so much time and so many bits. Plus, it would make transport harder. He is made from a SM Venerable Dread (I got in the Death Masque box) and FW Autocannons.

This guy will be going to Adepticon 2017, so keep an eye out for him there.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Blood Angel Terminator Assault Squad

Well since the Angel's Blade really only gave me one great thing in the form of the Archangels Orbital Intervention Force, I figured I should paint up some of my Terminators.

Here is squad Gideon. The Sergeant is from the game Space Hulk, but the rest are a kitbash of normal and BA assault terminators.

The banner is a Freehand, done in under 15 minutes!!! I think I am getting good at those things!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Well, I guess I will be rebasing my marines after all

So I finally decided to pull the trigger on 32 mm bases for my Blood Angels. Keeping them 25 is becoming less and less of an option, and I fleet I can really make much more cool and dynamic bases by going 32 mm.

So the route I am going is not plastic or resin though.

I went ahead over to green stuff world and made an order... be careful on that page. An avid hobbyist can go crazy.

I ordered 160 32mm mdf bases and some medium sculpy. Why this route? Well it is ultimately cheaper when doing ALL my marines. So that is attractive. But more so, sculpy doesn't set until you bake it, so I can sit down and detail all my bases at once and then bake them (which you can do with MDF at low enough temperatures as well), not worrying about my green stuff drying out on me as I do it. It is also firm enough I should be able to cut away the excess before it cures as well.

To detail my bases I went with this
I am going to still do a winter theme, and use snow flock and crushed glass+water effects on them to add the snow. But they should give a great effect
Keep your eyes peeled for future updates on this endeavour!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Review: Kings of War Historical

I received my copy of Mantic Game's Kings of War Historical this week and what can I say! Well a lot in turns out!

Developed by the great Alessio Cavatore, this looks to be another great success. 

It is definitely not the most in depth or detailed historical game out there, and is far from a "simulation" of historical battles. Rather it seems to be intended to allow you to get quick and fun games in with your Historical models or easily transition between Fantasy and Historical gaming without learning too many rule sets. This is done by replicating the Kings of War rules in their entirety (meaning this is a stand alone product and no other KoW title is required to play) and then adding a multitude of faction lists with a common "Master List" for play.
This is a great things for beginners in the world of historical war gaming, and can easily be the foundation of a club or event. 

One key thing to note is that the game allows for cross over play with the fantasy Kings of War armies and incorporation of "Mythical Units" into the faction lists of history, allowing a true narrative experience into the mythology of a culture, whether is be Greek Epics, Arthurian Legend, Germanic Fairy Tales or Chinese Folk Legends.