Saturday, February 13, 2016

Complete BaC Blood Angels Contemptor (repose and Magna-grapple added)

This has to be one of my fastest turn arounds on buying a model and painting it in recent years. BUT I need this guy for an event at Adepticon. While reposing his leg was a bit of a pain (wip shots here), I opted to only repose one leg (why most people do both I have no clue) and in the end he wasn't all that bad to do. Painting him was actually quite fun!
I thought about doing some more symbols or Freehand on his shoulders, but I didn't want to spoil how pristine the red looked to me. So I decided to leave him how he is. A few pieces of Brass etch and the grapple were enough.

He is magnetized on his gun arm and his magna-grapple. I had to procure and do some conversion work to add the magna-grapple the underside actually uses a spare part from a Forge World Thunder Bolt! I still have to paint his multi-melta arm, but I have too much other stuff to finish before Adepticon and I don't need that arm right now. I will finish it some other time.
 The nice thing about the plastic Contemptor is the arm and body are hollow, so magnets are really easy to do. Just glue them in then glue it shut.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Throwback: Space Marine Movie List

Found this jewel from back in the day recently... the "Space Marine Movie List". I think this was originally in White Dwarf 300...

"I'm not a tough guy, but if I fight you in a movie that I'm starring in, I'll kick your ass!"

The idea of the list was that these were the Marines that would be in the propaganda films and Imperial Action flicks (a.k.a fluff accurate) rather than the ones we normally deal with on the table top. One Space Marine REALLY should be able to take on like 50 orks.

I think with some clever adaptations, you could still fit this into a fun/friendly game of 40k 7th edition (especially hull points and weapon strengths/ap's).

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Road to Adepticon: Dark Angels Vehicles

As one of the four of us from Sepulchre of Heroes going to Adepticon this year, I have quite a bit of prep work to do - especially since I decided to use almost entirely freshly painted models. I'll be competing in the team tournament, the friendly and Necromunda, so there's plenty to get through. I've been spending nearly every ounce of free time lately on building and painting my force, and I thought I'd share pictures of some of the vehicles that I finished recently.

First up, we have a relic sicaran from Forgeworld - Gothmog and I each got one at the same time a while ago. Unfortunately only one of us is allowed to field it in the team tournament, so it will be a bit longer before you get to see his in glorious blood angels red. I think the Sicaran is a beautiful model, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting it. The Dark Angels emblems on the sides are brass etch, also from Forgeworld.

The other two vehicles will only be fielded in the friendly tournament, but the Ravenwing definitely needed some representation in my list there. Before I started painting it, I thought the shrine on the back of the Darkshroud looked a bit silly, but it has definitely grown on me. I used a slightly modified version of the paint mixes I've used in the past for Ravenwing bikers - a series of dark grey mixes with a black wash over the top to darken the overall color.

Lastly, the Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter. I still don't think it's a particularly useful unit, even after the latest codex reduced the cost and upped the missiles to S7, but I always really liked the model. Given the stated goal of the Friendly tournament at Adepticon, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to break it out and actually paint it. Trying to give some depth to the expanse of white on the wings was tricky, but I like the effect and I'm looking forward to actually having it on the table.

 I'll leave you here with some more photos of the sicaran, darkshroud and nephilim, as well as what I have left to go for Adepticon.


Everything I'm taking to Adepticon, finished or not.

Next up: Necromunda Delaque Gang

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Completed Necromunda Arbite Enforcer Gang

SO I finished my Necromunda Arbites/Enforcers a day early! Woo Hoo! That means I started working on my Contemptor dread tonight, hope to have done by Thursday (Wednesday if I can keep the ground gained by getting ahead!).
These guys were a blast to build and paint. Monday or Tuesday I am going to have a tutorial up for how I did their bases, but they are made out of greenstuff.

The gang is comprised of the original Arbites from the early 90' and the later '02 re-release Enforcers. Still need to acquire my Hired Guns for them. As well, I have a couple of spares to paint still, and want to get some sanctioned psykers to go with them too, but not before Adepticon.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Necromunda Arbites WIP

Just a quick share of this week's WIP. Though I allotted time until Sunday to get these guys done, I think I can actually have them finished by tonight!

I will be using these guys at Adepticon in the Necromunda by Night event.

This is a mix of the original Arbite and the later Necromunda Enforcers. There are some minor differences, but over all they still work very well together. I will get better pictures up of the completed squad this weekend. I know these are pretty dark photos. Really just very dark paint jobs seeing as they are for the most part black.