Sunday, July 24, 2016

BAO 2016 Recap Part 1

So BAO was a week ago and I am all finally caught up with the real world to write about it.

It was a good time and I got in a bunch of games and I am really glad I went. There were four Blood Angels players there (though I think I was the only one with them actually painted as such, but that is a discussion for another time). I went 2 and 4, so short of my goal of 3-3 and short of being in the top 1/2. Game 5 and 6 really put the nail in that and you will see why when I discuss that in the next post.

First of all, the store was pretty big and good (Game Kastle in Mountain View, CA). I mean, over 90 tables and a shopping area with pretty much anything you could want. However, there are a few things they need
-More restrooms (porta-johns outside) for events like this. Day 1 the restroom they did have was not kept that clean or good smelling. Fortunately they fixed this and opened up the employee restroom to us day 2 as well.
-Better ventilation. Day 1 was SUPER HOT! Even with like 20 foot ceilings. Day 2 was better with alot of fans spread out, but it was still pretty hot.
-A sound system- Reece has no voice, lets be honest, and even the booming voice of the store owner was hard to hear at times. A simple PA or megaphone would help A LOT with this
-15 more minutes for Lunch. Basically there was no time to get you game done, scores in, and get to someplace with food in time. They should also look at trying to get a food truck there for future events.

Any way, onto event coverage...

Here was my list:
Primary Detachment- Baal Strike Force (1560)
HQ- Sanguinary Priest: CCW, Angel's Wing, Warlord
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (5): TH&SS
Elites- Command Squad (5): Champion, Sanguinary Novitiate, Vet w/ Pfist, Vet w/ Paxe, Vet w/ Meltagun, Jump Packs
Troops- Scouts (5): BP&CCW
Troops- Tactical Squad (5): Grav-gun, Sarge w/ Paxe, Rhino
Fast Attack- Assault Squad (10): Sarge w/ Pfist & Inferno Pistol, 2 x Melta-guns, Jump Packs
Heavy Support- Relic Sicaran Tank: Lascannons, Legacy of Glory-Schism of Mars.
LoW- Ceratus Knight Atrapos: Occular Augmetics

Formation Detachment- Librarius Conclave (290, White Scars)
Librarian 1- ML2, Force Staff, Jump Pack
Librarian 2- ML2, Force Sword, Jump Pack
Librarian 3- ML1, Force Axe, Jump Pack

GAME 1 vs TAU- LOSS 0-11 pts
Probably the worst possible start for me and best possible for my opponent. Great opponent, team nWo, guy named Lang. Here was his list

Drone Net VX1-0 (280)
-Drone Squad- 4 x Marker Drones, 1 Gun Drone
-Drone Squad- 4 x Marker Drones, 1 Gun Drone
-Drone Squad- 4 x Marker Drones, 1 Gun Drone
-Drone Squad- 4 x Marker Drones, 1 Gun Drone

Optimized Stealth Cadre (635)
-Stealth Suits(3)- 2 x Burst Cannon, Shas'vre w/ Fusion Blaster
-Stealth Suits(3)- 2 x Burst Cannon, Shas'ui w/ Fusion Blaster (Warlord)
-3 x Ghost Keels- Each w/ Cyclic Ion Raker, EWO, TL-Fusion Blaster

Riptide Wing (935)
-2 x Shas'vre- EWO, Heavy Burst Cannon, TL Smart Missiles
-2 x Shas'vre- EWO, Heavy Ion Accelerator, TL Smart Missiles
-Shas'vre- EWO, Heavy Ion Accelerator, TL Smart Missiles
So I think you can see how the match went. Only one where I was tabled at least. Failed to roll for Invisibility and Veil of Time on my psykers. What really killed the game though was my Knight Atrapos weathered a round of shooting, weathered overwatch, and then rolled a 3" charge against the Ghost Keels. However, I feel okay, because Lang went on to win a Renaissance Man award (paint score + mission points) and of all my opponents, finished the highest. I knew I would face things like this probably, but a bitter way to start the tournament. Thankyou Lang for being a good winner though.  

This was vs Arun. Good opponent, fun game. His list:

Fist of Medusa
Strike Force Command: Chapter Master+Command Squad
-CM: Bike, Gorgon's Chain, Aticifer Armour, Digital Weapons, Thunder Hammer, LC
-Command Squad: 4 x Grav Guns & Storm Shield, Apothecary w/ Storm Shield, Bikes

Armoured Task Force
-Techmarine: Bike, Power Axe, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs
-3x Vindicators

Honoured Ancients
-Dreadnought: Assault Cannon, Power Fist w/ Storm Bolter

Librarius Conclave
-Librarian: ML2, Bike, Force Sword, Auspex, Bolt Pistol
-Librarian: ML2, Bike, Force Staff, Bolt Pistol
-Librarian: ML2, Bike, Mindforge Stave, Bolt Pistol

Imperial Knight Warden: Aveger Gatling Gun, Heavy Flamer, Reaper Chainsword, Melta-gun, Storm Spear Rocket Pod
So this was the Relic game. I think my opponents first and biggest mistake was not playing to the mission. Had his chapter master grabbed the Relic, I would have never got it off of him. However he didn't. My Sicaran made short work of 1 vindicators, and all my meltaguns did the rest. The Knights met in the middle and duked it out, killing each other, though mine took  a few bikes with it as well. The game ended with him having only 3 models in a war of attrition versus my Terminators, which was a conflict he was slowly loosing anyway. I think his biggest regret was just having so few models (which was something I regretted most of the tournament as well TBH).

GAME 3 vs GK, SM, DA- LOSS 1-10
Last game I am going to talk about this post. 4-6 will be in the next post. This was against Shaylynn down from Oregon. This game was probably my worst first turn I have ever had in 40k, followed by 4 of my best. Anyway here is her list

Nemesis Strike Force- 740 (she acutally miscalculated this and had 750, so short 10 points, and I pointed it out to here day 2. She said she woud've taken a psycannon in the terminators instead of the incinerator)
HQ- Librarian- 110: ML2, Warding Stave
Troops- Terminator Squad (5)- 185: Daemonhammer, Incinerator
Heavy Support- Dreadknight- 220: Great Daemonhammer, Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Teleportation Pack.
Heavy Support- Dreadknight- 225: Great Sword, Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Teleportation pack.

Skyhammer Annihilation Force- 650
-Assault Squad (5)- 85: Jump Packs
-Assault Squad (5)- 85: Jump Packs
-Dev Squad (10)- 265: Drop Pod, 2 x Multi-Melta, 2 x Gravcannon
-Dev Squad (10)-215: Drop Pod, 4 x Multi-Melta

Ravenwing Strike Force- 450
-Ravenwing Black Knights (3)- 120: Ravenwing Grenade Launcher
-Ravenwing Black Knights (3)- 120: Ravenwing Grenade Launcher
-Ravenwing Command Squad (3)- 125: Ravenwing Grenade Launcher, Ravenwing Champion
-Librarian- 85: ML1, Bolt Pistol, Force Sword

So to being with she rolled the Warlord trait for Infiltrators. And I knew she had a Skyhammer coming in. Since my Knight had weathered the 1st round vs Tau so well, I had alot of faith in him (this was only his 4th game). I ended up keeping my terminators, priest and 2 ML2 librarians in reserve and then castled everything else up. She took 1st turn and I failed to seize (may I wish I has seized).
She drops in and brings everything right up in my face. Focuses 100% of her effort on the Knight. her very last shot of turn 1 kills him with an EXPLODES result (Mult-melta on side facing, no invuln) and my night goes TITANTIC EXPLOSION and kills almost everything I have. I think my Rhino, Sicaran and 3 Marines was all that was left. I manage to stay alive in my turn, even killing off a Devastator combat squad with a desperate charge. But none of these things would survive turn 2. I needed something to be my new goal...
...and then my Terminators came in full of piss and vinegar dying for vengeance, and boy did they take it. The rest of the game I only lost 2! YES 2 MODELS! There was a secondary called king of the hill and I took and held onto that hill, killing off or chasing away anything that charge me (Invisibility + Veil of Time + FNP + 2+/3++ saves will do that I guess). Unfortunately last turn of the game she has a Bike Squad charge and hold (while I killed everything else) and we tied King of the Hill. However, I like to think fluff wise that my Terminators would have stood their ground ENDLESSLY and in my mind there is no way they would've been moved or beaten off there by what was remaining in my opponents army.
This is turn 4 Pre-Assault. Post Assault saw everything of hers running away or dead and all those Marines still standing.
Well that ended day 1, with me being down 1-2 with only 11 mission points. I had hopes for the next day but wouldn't hold my breath.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

What 8th Edition 40k needs to fix about power weapons

What you say! There is nothing wrong with power weapons!

Well I beg to differ. Right now in any codex you buy a form of power weapon all at the same cost and they vary the abilities. Want something more powerful, well spring the 10 points for a powerfist, 15 for a hammer.

You have
- Power Sword: S: User, AP: 3 Melee
- Power Staff: S: +2 AP: 4 Melee, Concussive
- Power Axe: S: +1 AP: 2 Melee, Unwieldy
- Power Lance: S: +1/User AP: 3/4 Melee *(First Turn, higher profile)
- Power First: S: x2 AP: 2 Melee, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon
- Thunder Hammer: S: x2 AP: 2 Melee, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon, Concussive
- Lightning Claw: S: User AP: 3 Melee, Shred, Specialist Weapon.
-Countless specialized ones, including AP2 at initiative weapons

It is the inconsistent performance for cost that bothers me, as well as some of the non-sensical decision made, especially IRT to power axes.

I will address each weapon at a time.
Power Sword- Baseline, no change required.
Power Staff- Very under-utilized. What I don't get is how an Axe is unwieldy and this isn't, nor is this two handed or specialist. What I would do if I were designing 8th is slap either two handed or unwieldy on a staff (probably two handed) and reduce its points by 5. I would also possibly separate mauls/maces and leave them as is if it went this route.
Dante's Axe... The oldest most Bad A$$ Marine there is, and he strikes at I1. What. The. Heck.
Power Axe- UGH. I have waxed poetic on this in the past. More than once at that. Okay, ALOT! But here I go for a 4th time. WHY ARE AXES UNWIELDY. Sure, they need a detriment to counteract their bonus, but these weapons unfairly benefit lower S armies in a game where T4 is the base line. That Guardsmen Sgt. McFartFace doesn't care about being I1 if it means he will kill a terminator. But that SM Sarge who has decades, if not centuries, of experience with the weapon is JUST AS SLOW? To me, axes, for their measly +1 S, should be -1 or -2 Initiative. Basically have an "Unwieldy" and "Ponderous" rule, where one just slows you and the other sets you at I1. As well, since there are SOOOO many ways for armies to bypass the Initiative penalty ans still get AP2, it is illogical and unbalanced for armies that can't to have to be I1 for ALL AP2 attacks.
BUT at the same time, that would become "Too Good". I agree. That is why, if this were to be done, I would say bump an axe UP 5 points. Basically it is already the bridge between Swords and Fists, so why not cement that fact in terms of cost and capability as well.

Power Lance- To me, it should ALWAYS be S:User. AP3 first round, AP4 subsequent is fine. But instead of the S bonus, it should be an I bonus. The idea of a lance/spear is to hit your enemy BEFORE they are in range to hit you. That is why in Napoleonic Warfare, Lancers were maintained to counter the largely Sabre based cavalry of Europe. They had the reach to strike FIRST. SO to me, a lance should have a +1 or +2 I bonus on the charge.
Power Fist- Stay as is. Fine at cost and ability. Keep at I1
Thunder Hammer- I guess it is fine as it is. I think you should get the +1 A for stacking with a Storm Shield like back in the day. But alas. Mostly it is too many points for only gaining "Concussive".
Lightning Claw- Goodish. But in general the +1A is better than the reroll to wound IMO, so why not take a sword. A pair of LC should be 25 points, not 30 IMO. That would make them much more desirable. Basically, have it be a separate line in wargear lists with its OWN point cost.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bay Area Open this weekend!

First of all to anyone who regularly follows, sorry for the month hiatus. Vacation, followed by getting back and getting into the swing of things, really kept me from posting. That and a mad scramble to finish painting for BAO!
So I will be there this weekend with my Blood Angels! Really looking forward to it. Just going to have fun really! Personally my goal is to finish in the top half. I will be over the MOON if I am the #1 BA player there, as well as anything in the top 32/16/8 etc, though I know that is NOT going to happen. You will too once your read my list.

So here is my list

Primary Detachment- Baal Strike Force (1560)
HQ- Sanguinary Priest: CCW, Angel's Wing, Warlord
Elites- Terminator Assault Squad (5): TH&SS
Elites- Command Squad (5): Champion, Sanguinary Novitiate, Vet w/ Pfist, Vet w/ Paxe, Vet w/ Meltagun, Jump Packs
Troops- Scouts (5): BP&CCW
Troops- Tactical Squad (5): Grav-gun, Sarge w/ Paxe, Rhino
Fast Attack- Assault Squad (10): Sarge w/ Pfist & Inferno Pistol, 2 x Melta-guns, Jump Packs
Heavy Support- Relic Sicaran Tank: Lascannons, Legacy of Glory-Schism of Mars.
LoW- Ceratus Knight Atrapos: Occular Augmetics

Formation Detachment- Librarius Conclave (290, White Scars)
Librarian 1- ML2, Force Staff, Jump Pack
Librarian 2- ML2, Force Sword, Jump Pack
Librarian 3- ML1, Force Axe, Jump Pack

If BA had their own conclave, I would have taken that instead.

I think it is a decent Bringing Hobby Back style list designed to be able to win without being patently mean. Also, for the lists that are, I hope it can put up a good fight. Trick will be to stay mobile and hit hard and fast. Not really worried about heavy armour, but death stars and jetbikes will be tough... and yes I am keenly aware that this is a major ITC tournament, which implies ALOT OF DEATHSTARS AND JETBIKES. Hopefully my terminators, knight and sicaran can help with those.

Anyway, if you are going, leave a comment! Especially if you want to meet up!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Blood Bowl Ogre Team Complete

Here is a BB Ogre Team I did for Steve of the Podcast Both Down (Yes, THE BB Podcast Both Down).

I give you the Gnob Headz. Sorry for some rough photography. I was in a real rush to take these so I could get them mailed out before traveling...

Ugly model or ugliest model...
Okay, ugliest... and yes I painted that stain there on purpose...

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Showcase: Cerastus Knight Atrapos, "Adepticon" themed

I finished my Cerastus Knight Atrapos today (Hooray). He had been done for about 5 days, but I had to wait on getting a sweet textured rolling pin from Green Stuff World. This one is based with their "Dutch Bricks" pattern).
This Knight is from Cypra Mundi Forgeworld, though I don't have a name for it yet (any great idea put it in the comments). The icons are based off the Adepticon logo and are all freehanded, as well as the banner. In fact, the entire model is done by hand. No airbrushing here. Not that I am against airbrushes, I just don't have the set up for it. I did however use some GW airbrush paints with a handbrush, and they are part of why it has a super smooth finish.
The undercarriage was painted with a variety of bronze and silvers, then had weathering powder applied in places, then a generous wash of Argax eartshade. I know that seems backwards, but I didn't want heavy weathering spots, but rather the colours to run and blend, and I think the effect turned out great. After it dried I did some light silver and balthsar gold dry brushing and some nihilikan oxide here and there, particularly on the some places that were more copper/gold still.

Lastly the base is, as mentioned before, done with a textured roller. Sprayed grey, heavy argax wash, then lighter grey dybrushing. I used some clipped brass rod for the spent bolter casings. Finally some blood for the blood god technical was applied and lastly for the oil slick I used some water effects to which I added a mixture of GW washes.
Well enough talk, here are a few more full effect photos!

Oh yeah, I also did do the cockpit. Sorry the photos aren't the best on that. I went ahead an bought the seated Scion model, because I figured if I was spending that much to do a Knight, might as well do it right! Then I painted him first anyway, and the blue on him is what led me to incorporate so much of it in the knight. Originally there was going to be a lot more bone colour, but in the end I decided to downplay that and stick with the strong two tone, working bone in only in the logo and two access panels on the carapace.