Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Battlefleet Gothic: Revised - The Additional Ships Compendium 2.0

So I haven't had alot of time for actual physical hobbying lately. Have a bunch of WIP stuff to share, and I am stripping a whole bunch of tanks, a dreadnought and a bunch of BFG.
While doing that I have had time to work on a very unique and special project: The Additional Ships Compendium 2.0 for BFG:R

What is BFG:R (Battlefleet Gothic: Revised) you ask? It is a community driven effort to balance and update the ships and fleets of BFG, as well as consolidate all the Official and really popular Unofficial designs.

The main site for that is Afterimagedan's Starship Combat Blog, but majority of development has occurred on the BFG Specialist Games forum.
Screen from the ASC 2.0
What I am working on is the additional ships compendium 2.0. The original ASC was a rough document that just managed to gather all the extra and cool designs out there from Fanatic, BFG and Warp Rift magazines. My ASC 2.0 is trying to dress that up and update it to be compatible with the great BFG:R project, as well as be more comprehensive of the fluff and potential for ship classes.

I am working on it on the BFG Specialist Games forum currently, getting inputs from any and all interested.
Here is the main dev thread. Each race has its own dev thread on the main discussion page (Thus far Imperial Navy, Chaos and Space Marines).
Screen from ASC 2.0. Imperial Navy is all that I currently have in the draft. Every few days I am upping a new draft with the progress I have made.
The draft document is here (via dropbox). It is also on my downloads page for future reference. And you can always get to the forums via my Fanatic Specialist Games Portal.

If interested, pop over to the forum and help out! BFG is still an awesome game, and these projects make it even better IMOHO. There are plenty of proxy suggestions out there, especially from firestorm armada. Shapeways and other 3d printing sites have cool models too, and there are model companies like Helios that just make cool spaceships for any game that work really well.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Eldar Jetbike, Shining Spears, and Eldar Farseer on Jetbike MISSING!!!

So while browsing the Online Store I noticed that both the Eldar Jetbike and the Farseer on Jetbike Conversion Kit are MISSING!!!
Does this mean that a new kit is coming soon? Based on how old the original is and the fact the rider looks like a 2nd edition Guardian, I would not be surprised if a surprise release is in store, or possibly something bigger.

EDIT: So are shining spears!

See for yourself- this is the google search result for the Jetbike. Also, browse the store.

And here is the in store search for "Jetbike". Only one result and it is the Vyper.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Blood Angels Veteran Tactical Sergeant

Just a quick post to share a my recently completed Veteran Sergeant. A bunch of bit mashing to build him.
-BA Tactical Squad Legs and Shoulder Pads
-Sternguard Torso and Backpack
-DA Banner
-FW Mk III squad upgrade communications head
-Sanguinary Guard Arms w/ a Grav Pistol inplace of a plasma pistol

No decals. All detail is free hand.

I give to you Veteran Sergeant Brute (as in "Et tu Brute?")

Thursday, March 12, 2015

WIP: Magnetized Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader

This weekend and into yesterday I was working on magnetizing my Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader. It was actually pretty easy to do and I am quite pleased with the results.
Here it is with all the options. Standard TL Assault Cannon (removable for Wep Destroyed OR if I ever get an extra set of Lascannons and HB to put in place instead). Hurricane Bolters and Inferno Cannons. I also magnetized my pintle mounts to swap back and forth for points restrictions.

So here are the main weapons up close. I shaved down the top and bottom of the sponson mounting brackets. I had an extra set of standard LR mounting brackets that I glued the Hurricane Bolters on (the Inferno cannons can't fit on them) BUT if you don't have a spare bracket and can't get one, just mount them like I did for my Magnetized Baal Predators. As you can see I also magnetized the armour plate that goes on the outside of the weapons. A LR kit only comes with one set, so to have it for both weapons I had to do this. Another key thing to note is I only magnetized the bottom of each mounting bracket. This was a deliberate choice. They are plenty stable with the one point, it is easier to attach and remove weapons and you can't see the top mounting point when it is on the vehicle on the table, so the illusion of it being connected top and bottom is still there.
See you can't tell. I used the top of what I clipped off each bracket still to fill the hole and mount the targeting sensor to. Sure I lost the ability to rotate it, but that isn't a big problem.

Next up are my pintle mounted weapons.
So I used some small magnets I had to accomplish this and make the weapons interchangeable. There are two on the cupoula mounting arm and then two inside each weapon. A key thing is I had to make the space marine in a pose that was not trying to hold the gun. I could have closed the hatch, but really wanted him up and out since my other LR doesn't have one. I like the result of a tank man pushing himself up to take a look with binos.
So I also added two small magnets inside the lower ramp and as teeth to the upper ramp so it would seal shut. This makes it look better IMO AND it allows me to store ALL the parts w/ the exception of the assault cannon inside the LR without worry of them falling out.

Last of all, not magnet related but still cool is the whip antenna and a few other minor conversions.
So the antenna uses the comms array that comes with the LR. I used the loop antenna as the forward attachment for the whip antenna, and then mounted the antenna to the base in the back. I used the core of a guitar string for the antenna itself.
Other changes include a spare FW hatch of some sort that I had, probably back from my Imperial Guard days, and I mounted my searchlight to that. I also had a spare BA Icon from a Baal Predator I mounted to the Assault Cannon. Last of all is the fact, as seen in multiple pictures, I had Forge World LR doors. These are actually really nice and fit really well.

Hope this inspires you to try and magnetize your vehicles as well. To me this is where it is worth the effort. I was able to get a pack of 100 magnets off for $10 US. I used probably 12 from that pack (not including the little magnets) and have tons left over AND I didn't have to buy a second $80 vehicle. Well worth it.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Relic Sicaran vs Baal Predator and other SM tanks. A tale of woeful underpricing.

My last post mentioned how I recently got my copy of Imperial Armour Vol II: Vehicles of the Adeptus Astartes. In this book are the rules for the Relic Sicaran tank to be used in 40k, not just 30k. I knew the Sicaran was good, just not how good it was especially for how little it costs. Now at 135 points you may say that is alot, but compare it to a Baal Predator and one can see serious advantages that should cost alot more IMO.

Let me break it down
SICARAN- 135 pts. 13/12/12. 3 Hull Points. Fast Tank. Hull mounted Heavy Bolter. Extra armour comes along with smoke and searchlight. And then there is the TL Accelerator Cannon. 48" S7 AP4 Heavy 6, Rending, No jink saves allowed. It can have Heavy Bolter and Lascannon Sponsons for the same cost as a predator.

BAAL PREDATOR- 115 pts. 13/11/10. 3 Hull Points. Fast Tank. Smoke and Searchlight. TL Assault Cannon. 24" S6, AP4 Heavy 4 Rending. May exchange Assault cannon for Flamestorm for free. Spons HB or Heavy Flamer for 20 ea.

And just for final comparison...
PREDATOR- 75pts. Same stats as Baal, except +10pts for fast. Autocannon main gun or TL Lascannon for +25. Same sponson options as Sicaran at the same cost. SO if we make this a fast vehicle like the other two and give it all lascannons it is 150 pts. To make it comprable to a basic Sicaran and Baal though, I will just say fast with a TL Lascannon, putting it at 110, 130 is you add HB to try and equal the volume of firepower of the other two.

SOOOOOOO I hope you can see just how Superior the Sicaran is. For only 20 points over the Baal it has 2 more points of armour on the sides and 3 on the rear. That alone is worth 20 points or more. BUT add to that Extra Armour Standard (a 10 point upgrade for regular tanks) and an extra Heavy Bolter (for comparison it costs only 15 pts to pintle mount a Heavy Bolter on an SM Superheavy). SO lets say a hull mounted HB costs 10 points since it can't swivel like a pintle. THAT ALONE would be a value of 20 points. So now we have accepted that the upgrades are already worth more, BUT IT DOES NOT STOP THERE. The Accelerator Cannon IS AMAZING. NO jink saves is death to bike or skimmer heavy armies (Eldar, DE, White Scars, DA) and add to that rending. Now consider it has 2 more shots than an assault cannon, at one point higher strength AT DOUBLE THE RANGE!!! Whaaaat?

The only reason to take a Baal over a Sicaran is to take the Flamestorm and Heavy Flamers for city fight or against MEQ armies with alot of 3+ Saves. If the BAAL still had Scout I would understand the point cost of it, but I feel like that rule was removed without considering how much it costed (remember a TL Las Fast Pred is only 110,  5 pts less than a Baal with a TL Assault Cannon, which should cost less than Las IMO).
None of the tanks in this are mine, but this is just awesome.
NOW for one more comparison. The Land Raider Crusader. I want to compare it to a Sicaran with Heavy Bolter Sponsons (155 pts). The LRC costs 250 with Hurricane Bolters and a TL Assault Cannon, 14 all round and 1 more hull point. So with WORSE and FEWER weapons (hurricane bolters can be debated since they are TL, how ever they are only more effective than a HB against light infantry) you are paying 95 points more for an extra point of armour on front and 2 on side/rear, 1 extra hull point and 16 model transport capacity. Now how do you price transport capacity. Well lets say the Drop Pod at 35 points w/ Deep Strike is equivalent to the Land Raider's built in cost of transport and assault vehicle (sure it is 16, but the ability to deep strike is makes up for the difference IMO). So take 35 from 95, and you still have a 60 point upcharge for the improved Armour and hull points on the Land Raider, given that the weapons are worse.

I think I have sufficiently proven the Sicaran is undercosted. I think 150 to 160 base would be better. I usually don't think FW rules are overpowered, however in this case I cannot help but admit it.