Friday, August 14, 2015

Unboxing: Samurai Lords Kickstarter by Steel Fist Miniatures

SO I got my Samurai Lords Kickstarter  rewards last night and let me tell you WOW! These are the highest quality miniatures there are. The level of detail is astounding.

Exclusive KS reward mini
Just look at that. It really is that finely detailed at 28mm.

You can check out Steel Fist here and get some of your own. All the kickstarter minis are available aready!

If you are starting Samurai for War and Conquest or Pike and Shotte, you can't go wrong getting some Steel Fist stuff to spruce up your army. Sure, you will have to use Wargames Factory and Perry for the the bulk of your forces, but this stuff should be your centerpieces. I plan on painting a few to submit for crystal brush at adepticon 2016. If you are looking to do a pure hobby/painting project, these minis offer one of the best options IMO.
Every model, from Daimyo to humble bannerman, is finely detailed and crafted. You can tell that hundreds of hours of research and sculpting went into each set. They truly are incredible minis.
The only issue I have is that he did as a kickstarter suffer some delays, but most were out of his control and were with the casters. I think there are no issues any more now that he has his stock.
I also am missing a single piece, a katana for my exclusive KS mini, however I have tones of plastic ones that I can easily use, so this is no big issue either.

So check out the video and check out Steel Fist Miniatures!