Saturday, August 29, 2015

If CSM are coming soon, FW already gave you the perfect tool against them...

So there are some rumours floating around the internet of a possible 7th Ed release of CSM. They need it and I would love to see ACTUAL chaos marines back on the table.
But if they do come and they are top tier, FW came out with a little piece of tech for Space Marine Players to use. I wish it was usuable by ALL SM Factions, but it is specifically Codex: Space Marines.

So Forge World has its Exclusive Centurion model for sale right now. With this guy comes some 30k rules, BUT there is also an associated 40k Relic for 35 points.

Codex Space Marines Chapter Relic (+35 points) 
The Panoply of the Crusader:
Several Space Marine Chapters are fortunate enough to have in their armouries artificer armour of a type that dates to the earliest days of the Great Crusade, adorned with the heraldry of that lost age. Such relics are more than simply peerless examples of the armourer’s craft to the Chapters that hold them, they are a tangible link to glories and tragedies that to others are merely myths to be told, and a mantle of sacred duty made manifest. The Panoply of the Crusader confers a 2+ Armour save and, in addition, the model and any unit they have joined gains the Stubborn and Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines) special rules. The Panoply of the Crusader may not be selected by models equipped with Terminator armour.
So this seems pretty nice, especially to add to Librarius Conclaves or super friends characters. Basically a great way to get a character (Captain, Chaplain, or Librarian) a 2+ save and buff a squad without relying on chapter tactics or worrying about when to use a combat doctrine. Stubborn can be kinda useless at times on Space Marines IMO, but still not bad to have.

Really just a solid piece of wargear, and much cheaper than the 50 point Armour Indomitus or 60 point Shield Eternal if you are stretched for points.