Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend WIP: Blood Angels Fire Raptor (and an ebay sale and find)

Just a quick update on my progress over the weekend. After finishing my Ogres I took a small breather, but then jumped right back into it with my Fire Raptor. Just starting to add details to this guy. What I really need to figure out is what to freehand on the side between the cockpit and the turrets. If you have any suggestions or inspiration, please share!!!  I am kinda drawing a blank.
Additionally, I managed to receive this beauty in the mail this weekend!

And last of all I have a REALLY COOL MODEL for sale on Ebay. I got this guy to be a Blood Bowl Troll for a Chaos Pact team (and trust me I have some really cool things coming down the pipe on that front, so stay tuned) BUT he is just TOO BIG. So I have to part ways with him.

It is a Rackham Miniatures Confrontation Wartroll, and he is for sale on ebay, starting at $15 with a buy it now for $30. (That is the link to the ebay sale if you are interested).
Space Marine shown for scale purposes only.