Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Super Cheap Plague Toad Alternative

So I found this little kickstarter today by Toad King Castings. Just trying to produce 3 models, but two of these are perfect for Nurgle Players as Plague Toads, especially now that they have AoS warscrolls as well.

Warts and Wings Kickstarter: Giant Toads and Stirge Swarms

EDIT 8/27: IT IS FUNDED, So little need to worry about not getting your reward (this is really low risk as the producer has been a miniature maker in the past and all the toads at least will be cast in house)

So it is just 4 GBP for that big guy (about $6). With shipping it came out to $13. Not bad IMO, and obviously cheaper per model if you back a larger pledge to get a bunch of them.

I ordered mine in hopes of it being a Beast of Nurgle for Blood Bowl, but these are also obviously great for RPGs and the like.
So back it if you are interested in the least! Help me get my Plague Toad and I doubt you will let down by the buy. And if the resin quality is just "meh" then it is NURGLE ANYWAYS, you wouldn't have to worry!