Sunday, September 20, 2015

WIP Weekend: Sicaran Battle Tank Construction and Battlefleet Gothic

Just a quick update on my work this weekend. Just finished building my Sicaran Battle Tank for my Blood Angels Adepticon list.
As you can see from the pictures I had to do some filling with green stuff. Nothing was warped too bad though, not even the gun barrels. I microwaved some water and sat them in it for a minute and was able to get them perfect in one shot. I think it helps that these barrels are so chunky while not being too long. My Lascannons were also great.
The biggest problem I had here so mould lines and the injection points on the back of the tracks. The Injections are so large on the back that they completely cover the width of the track armour, so cut them off carefully. I unfortunately had an uneven cut on my right track so had to do some serious sanding and shaping with a file and dremmel to get it nice again. Now it is at a slightly different angle than the left track but it is actually really hard to tell on the finished tank.

My only other issue is ANOTHER injection point on the track was on the joint of a track itself, which really leaves it messy in the end, especially since this part everywhere else has several apparent "joints" and is round. I really wish they had done the injections on the bottom rather than the back, just so they would hide much better. I also got a bad mould line between the two on the right track which took some work to smooth out some.

I hope to get this painting this week, possibly along with a land raider and rhino (I have this week off). Tomorrow I am going to prime this beasty at least!

Other than that I am also getting some last minute BFG painted for Gothicomp! Check it out:
Flipped so the lighting can show you the underside.
Better pictures will be forthcoming once I get a few more done and it is worth it to set up my foldio. The two colours is supposed to be reminiscent of actual ships.