Sunday, September 6, 2015

Completed BA Scout Snipers and WIP Tactical Squad

I finished these guys Friday night. Just chugging along on what I need for Adepticon!  Squad of 5 Sniper Scouts that turned out nicely I think. Nothing spectacular, but solid IMO. These guys will stay in my deployment zone or on an objective some place most the game, just to provide support.

I went for a matte look on them over my typical gloss. I am not going to do this for my marines, but it seemed appropriate for scouts. I may hit them with a matte varnish too, just tossing that idea around.

The missile launcher is definitely worth taking to pop the odd transport.

And here is my current project. Sorry for the low quality photo for now, but this is a big MUST for the Adepticon list and an upcoming escalation league in the area.