Friday, September 18, 2015

Behold the unkillable tau titan!

So typing this from my phone, but it is here and must be shared.

The KX-139 Tau Supremacy Armour

And my goodness the rules on that thing.
Sure it is 600 points, but it is nigh on indestructible.
T9, 10 wounds, 2+/5+, 2+/4+ against shooting. Half the wounds of all D shots the first time it is hurt by them each turn...
Add to it the crazy firepower it has... I don't think a Warhound puts out as much damage TBH. At least not point for point.

All for 250 GBP, which isn't that bad compared to some of their knights IMO.

This is some impressive tech to say the least. Wraithknights beware.