Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Gothmog's Blood Bowl 2 Stream


So I have been streaming my games and I invite you to watch if you are curious about the game & how to play blood bowl, or just looking for some entertainment.

So I have a few teams that I have made for the game

The New Fangland Hatriots (Orcs, New England Patriots, including players like Zog Brady, Wes Walloper and Thug Flutie)
The Parravon Eagles (Bretonnian, based off of the Phildelphia Eagles)
The Aquitane Falcons (Bretonnian, based off of the Atlanta Falcons, and including Michael the Victorious and Matthew the Lion)
The Greschburg Yellow Jackets (Human, based off of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets)

We have a league, the Averland Carrior Conference (ACC) and the competition is the Fatal Bowl System (FBS)

SO Overall a REALLY fluffy/fun league I am in.

You can watch a full game of Chaos vs the NEW Bretonnian team here (SKIP TO 54:05 for the PLAY OF THE GAME!!!)

I am getting a new headset some time this week, so audio will be better. I will also try and laugh less... Overall though, I am trying to be instructive on BB and how/why I make my decisions. And some times you just have to put your faith in NUFFLE and go big or go home.