Saturday, September 26, 2015

BFG: Additional Ships Compendium 2.0 Updated and last week for Gothicomp 2015!

Foo all you Star Captains of the 41st Millenium, I have updated the Additional Ship's Compendium 2.0!

You can download the latest version here. You can also always find a link to it in the downloads tab at the top of the page.

This update has some minor ship tweaks, two more classes of vessel for the Imperial Navy (the Neptune Battlecruiser and the Onager Frigate) and a total of 4 new fleet lists
-Segmentum Solar: The Gilded Fleet of Voss
-Segmentum Pacificus: The Fortress Fleet of Hydraphur
-Ultima Segmentum: The Patrol Fleets of Kar Duniash
-Space Marine Frontier Fleet List (Carcharodons)

For other BFG resources (such as BFG:Revised, which the ASC 2.0 is designed to be compatible with) you can check the Fanatic: Specialist Games tab at the top of the page.
As well, this is the last week for Gothicomp 2015, the annual starship painting competition. Deadline is SEP 30th, so get you entries submitted ASAP. I am working on finishing up a few escorts myself!

There are some great prizes to be had, so get your entries in! And take particular note of the ASC 2.0 prize, sponsored by me!

Entry guidelines are located here. You do not have to be a member of the forum to enter, but you do to vote.