Friday, September 4, 2015

Foldio 2 and (A LOT OF) High Quality Blood Angels Pictures

So I recently got my Foldio 2. For those that don't know, a Foldio is a portable studio light box. It is pretty nifty.

The Foldio2
I am enjoying using it so far. here is a quick break down
-Easy to use, fast assembly with magnets
-Easily interchangeable back drops (once again using magnets). It comes with 4 (white, grey, black and green for green screening)
-2 Bright, high quality light, LED strips, with a dimmer on each
- Large. It fit my entire Fire Raptor in it the other day.
-Super light. It is really easy to take anywhere, though it won't fit in your back pack.
-Collapsible. Short on storage space. This is PERFECT.

- Expensive. You could certainty make your own light box for less, and with some ingenuity, make one as portable. Some of the materials also seem a little cheap for the price paid IMO. Not that they are cheap materials, but it makes me wonder a little. Then there is the fact it is shipped DHL from Korea, so that adds on a bit.
- The backdrops. While the colours are fine, the material they are made of easy wrinkles and damages. I will be getting some cloth photography backgrounds myself at some point to replace them.

All in all I am really happy with the product though. The backdrops I have are more than adequate for now. I will say if you have the space and the ability, I might suggest still making your own. I have done it before, it was just too big for my last move. But if you are looking for something ready out of the box, good quality. and portable, you can't do better.

Here are some photos I was able to do in just a few minutes. It honestly took me more time to take out the minis (let alone put away) than do the entire photo session.

I went with a white background for most of these, but grey on some. I think I am going to stick to grey from now on. The grey ones seems to pick out the vibrancy of the model better IMO.

Freehand Blood Angels Banner.
Blood Angel's Emperor's Champion