Monday, September 7, 2015

Gothicomp 2015- Battlefleet Gothic/Space Combat Painting Competition (and my WIP for it)

A pitch here and some quick WIP photos for Gothicomp 2015! Deadline is SEPTEMBER 30th!!!

Gothicomp is an annual Space Ship painting competition. It is focused towards BFG, but ever since GW dumped the Specialist Games, it has been open to ALL forms of Space Ships! So if you are an enthusiast of Firestorm Armada, Star Wars Armada, Halo Fleet Battles or even X-Wing!

2005 Winner: Despoiler Venerable Barge - Frank Wesner 
The Categories
- Any vessels over 5cm in any dimension.

-Anything not in the capital ship category!

-Chosen from either the Capital or Small ship Categories. Goes to the best converted vessel.

-A group of 7 vessels of any size! The idea is to have a theme to them as well.

And a bonus category sponsored by ME!
-Make a BFG ship that is represented in the ASC 2.0 or is planned for it. Click the link for details!

2014 Winner: Battleship Swordbreaker -   Karun
Small category: 1x Pack of Battlegroup Helios Helian Corvettes
Capital category: 1x Battlegroup Helios Helian Dreadnought
Fleet category: A selection of conversion parts from Mangozac at Resin Addict
Conversion category: 3x Gunship Destroyers & 3x Carrier Destroyers
ASC 2.0: (Winner's choice) -1 x Grimdark Bits  BFG Heresy Marine Cruiser from shapeways in FUD OR 1 x Helian Escort Frigates from Battlegroup Helios OR 2 x Special Order Dice from Abyssal Products (12 dice, 1 green pack, 1 red pack)

Here are a few pictures of what I am working on
Hopefully I can get a bunch of these done.
An Invincible Class BB. Going for the conversion prize with this one.