Monday, July 6, 2015

Blood Angles 1850 pts list for Adepticon 2016

So I am in the formative stages of getting to Adepticon 2016. It will happen, finally. And the first thing is first, I need a goal to work towards in the world of painting, and a a list to practice with over the course of the year.
Now what is going to be crazy is I am going with a pure Codex: Blood Angels list. I don't care how bad that sounds, I don't care if it is not "competitive", I am doing it.
So here is the 1850 point list I am working with right now.

PRIMARY DETACHMENT- Baal Strike Force (1540pts)
HQ: Chaplain (WARLORD)- 135: Terminator Armour, Crozius, Storm Bolter, The Veritas Vitae
HQ: Librarian: 115- Mastery Level 2, Jump Pack, Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Gallian's Staff
Elites: Terminator Assault Squad (5)- 205 (475 w/DT): Sarge w/ TH&SS, 4 x Terminators w/ LC
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Redeemer- 270: Pintile Multi-melta, Legacy of Glory: War of Murder
Troops: Scout Squad (5)- 55 : 5 x Bolt Pistols & Shotguns
Troops: Tactical Squad (10)- 190 (225 w/DT): Grav-gun, Multi-melta, Sarge w/ Power Axe and Bolt Pistol
Dedicated Transport: Rhino- 45
Fast Attack: Assault Squad (5)- 110: Jump Packs, 2 x Flamers, Sarge w/ Power Sword and Bolt Pistol
Heavy Support: Relic Sicarin Battle Tank- 200: Lascannon Sponsons, Legacy of Glory: Mars Schism
Heavy Support: Fire Raptor Gunship- 225: TL Autocannons

SECOND DETACHMENT- Flesh Tearer's Strike Force (310)
HQ: Sanguinary Priest- 81: Jump Pack, Bolt Pistol, CCW, Auspex
Troops: Scout Squad (5)- 84: 4 x Sniper Rifle, Missile Launcher, Cammo Cloaks
Fast Attack: Assault Squad (5)- 145: 2 x Melta-guns, Sarge w/ Powerfist and Inferno Pistol

Points: 1850
Kill Points: 13
ObSec: 0

So this list is designed to be an all comers list. Took the Baal SF as my Primary Detachment to get that sweet +1 I and a rerollable Warlord trait if it is from the BA table. The Flesh Tearer's SF gives me an extra HQ slot, which I felt I needed, at the price of 5 scouts. Yes I also need to take a Fast Attack, but I would have taken another Assault Squad anyway...
So my Warlord is the Terminator Chaplain. I wanted to make him as survivable as possible as to avoid giving up "slay the warlord" easily. Additionally, I gave him the Veritas Vitae to gain an additional Strategic Trait. I would actually roll this one first to find out if I want to roll on the strategic table again or not (getting Infiltrate would be really nice, especially since the LR is a Dedicated Transport and would infiltrate with the Terminators, possibly granting me that turn 1 assault).

So what I have going for me is a mini-deathstar at the center of the list. The Terminator Assault Squad with the Chaplain has re-roll to hit and to-wound on nearly every model, and top it off with I5. They ride in the LR, which has the Legacy of Glory on it that gives it monster hunter and makes friendly SM units within 6" fearless. The hope is to jump my Sanguinary Priest in with them everytime before they charge, to further give them +1WS and FNP. The unit hides 1 TH&SS Sergeant to take any challenges or be on point for taking shooting attacks on his 2+/3+.
Both the Sang Priest and the Lib would hide inside of Assault Squads otherwise. Gave the Lib Gallian's staff for some re-roll goodness while the Sang Priest got my last 5 points in the form of an Auspex to just take away some cover on the field. Both are jump packed for rapid movement.

My Troops consist maily of a Full Tactical Squad in a Rhino for some taking and holding of Objectives and some fire support. Nothing really special here, but the Multi-melta and grav-gun can inflict some good damage. The Rhino gives them some fast redeployment with its overcharged engine.

In support is a Scout Sniper Squad to sit in my deployment zone and fire away with sniper rifles and a missile launcher. Ideally they are right on top of an objective. The other scout squad is a throw away shotgun squad, designed to take on low T models with just a massive amount of shots before assaulting.
I also have 2 assault squads. One for armour and heavy infantry, one for blobs and terminator screening. You can never go wrong with this combination IMO. The Melta-guns are sure to pop something, and have a Powerfist to boot. Meanwhile the flamers are just for toasting units with a high model count and screening my Sanguinary Priest as he jumps around the field (assuming he is not with the Termies)

Last but not least are my Heavy Support. I took a Sicarin, because lets face it, you need one at a tourney like this. It is super effective. I took Schism of Mars LoG on it to make it even more so, granting the already fierce accelerator cannon Tank Hunter (along with the sponson Lascannons) and it ignores haywire 50% of the time AND gets +1 BS against daemon engines.

My other Heavy Support is a Fire Raptor Gunship. Hard to Argue with these things. For those that do, prepare to get eaten up...