Saturday, September 5, 2015

The NAF- The Great Big Blood Bowl Survey 2015!

In other Blood Bowl related news the NAF has a big BB survey out. You do not have to be part of the NAF or have any intention to join them to take it, but if you play, have played or are interested in playing Blood Bowl in ANY SHAPE OR FORM, be it table top or electronic, FUMBBL or Cyanide, take this survey. Even if you ONLY play other fantasy football games, take the survey! Help make the BB community stronger and better.

If you don't know what the NAF is, it is THE online community for BB. Nearly all tournaments are ran through them and the 4 majors are hosted by them. Check them out here:

 (and sorry if it seems like I have been on BB a lot lately! Trust me I am not too much. My desk is covered in Blood Angels and I finished a scout squad last night I am going to share soon)

The Great Big Blood Bowl Survey 2015!