Friday, July 17, 2015

Weekend WIP: Blood Angels, Blood Angels, Blood Angels (and a BFG:R Rulebook)

Just some quick weekend Work In Progress stuff. Got my Blood Angels for my Adepticon list (I know they are terrible right now. I'll just have to make do) out and on my desk and I am just pushing through them. Bringing the Hobby Back, one model at a time.
As you can see, I go my hobby station in full swing
2nd Co, 2nd Squad, Sergeant Vorlois. What will he be armed with (hint, you can figure it out by going to the list)
So Vorlois is using Sternguard parts for the most part, the exception being his head and soon to be completed arms.
Just another scout sniper
Unfortunately, the photo seems to have washed out the washes in the creases somewhat, but they are still kinda there.
Just finished this melta-gunner. He is an OLD metal model, but this is a perfect use for him IMO.
My Librarian. Another OLD guy. I just got him off ebay for 1/2 the cost of the new librarian with staff. He came still in his blister. Even better was that it was a "New release" blister. That means he has been in that thing since like '93. Glad he is finally getting some paint on him. Minis deserve to be painted!
My Sanguinary Priest. He is using a BA Stormraven head I think? I forget. But the chainsword is from the Death Co. pack, torso from a Baal Pred, nathecium from a command squad, and legs from FW character upgrade pack (with a DC symbol on them)
Just the stack to work on! Dread isn't in the list, but he was brought out for repairs to his banner.
So I swapped this guys power sword off for a new powerfist. Better employment IMO and thus why it is now that way in my list.
The completed assault squad thus far. I only need 5 for the list, but they will be 10 for the sake of my Battle Company.
Last of all I got this rulebook in the mail this week. It is a printed version of BFG:R rules. I actually prefer the FAQ 2010 rules more, but this was still a must have, and it is EXCELLENT QUALITY. Only $17 US + shipping. You can find the link to it in my Fanatic Portal up top (or click the link). I am likely going to use the same service for my ASC 2.0 when that is completed!