Thursday, July 16, 2015

Are we about to get two new Astra Militarum Formations?

So there are two new large Astra Militarum bundles up for preorder that everyone seems to have missed amidst the chaos of the Age of Sigmar. And unless these are apocalypse formations that I am unaware of (and they are not marketed as such on the GW Webstore), then I don't think they are existing formations.
Backbone of the Imperium
So are these just new "one click" bundles for no reason? They have next to 0 savings.
Nork Deddogs Brute Force: $280. Cost of components: $281. Savings: $1
The Backbone of the Imperium: $480. Cost of components: $480. Savings: $0

But are they going to be new formations with rules in box, white dwarf or as dataslates on Black Library. I think YES!
Nork Deddog's Brute Force
The reasoning behind this strategy IMO is that with Age of Sigmar getting pumped out over the next few months and no major 40k releases, they want to still bring in 40k revenue. Dataslates and formations are easy to make, and all they have to do is ship everything together. Pretty clever way to keep the 40k crowd on the hook and some steady income from them while they try the grand experiment of AoS.

So we shall see with the Brute Force and the Backbone. Maybe they are just silly excuses to try and get people to impulse buy, but at that price point with no savings, I hope they include some new rules, and I hope they are in dataslate form.